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HOM 3 - Pleiadians -- Alcyone - The Library of the Universe

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 3 - The Library of Alcyone: Jack (em) this is Jack, and i am Continuing. ok, so..i was were: Anu went to the Atlanteans.. Presenting himself as a.."Acceptable Prsentation" - for the Atlanteans, because.. the Atlanteans Personally..they weren't a Judgmental Race..they're Pretty much..a.. i Enjoy them: Personally i Enjoyed Visiting them. They Didn't have much..Visitors, you know, there was No Such thing as - beings Visiting other Planets for..Odd Reasons it was Either..Specific, it was Either Specific to Learn. That’s what Satya basically also did - she had kind of a..“Learning Establishment" (akr).. Library for the Children, (um).. she Trained Specific Children, for Specific Races to a Specific Cause (um).. which is, for instance: the Planet itself, has Kings and Queens..and Lords.. and fucking gods and goddess, you know, Depending on what the Race's Expression was. and..she was..In-Charge of Tutoring.. the Children of that Particular Race..and she Did that with Mainly All the Planets, and.. then she Takes the the Dimensions, i wouldn't call it "Children", i'd Call it Child Expressions..(akr) Around, in the Universes, the, to.. Make them Aware of: What Exists (um) know..No Conflict Existed per se, then it was just: for Each - his Own. Each Planet has an Expression. when they wanted to Learn or Find out something New or Ask Advice, they’d go to Other Planets, and you know.. so it Existed, it was Nothing Big. and..the Change Came. i think the moment of Change, Long Before that thought, but from Here, from this Point..was when, Anu said, you know: "i have to Obtain some gold", when his Planet was in Trouble.. that's when Everything Started Changing, Anu went to the Atlanteans.. he Presented them his Problem..and they said: "well, Here is an Interesting thing" "there is Actually what he is Speaking the Earth’s Core"..and of course, Anu was.. Immediately Excited!..and he Presented them with a Proposal: he said "ok, Show me" so First the Atlanteans..had Shown Anu Exactly the..Lava, and the.. Basically what Existed Underneath the Earth's Core: Ground, Crust..I don’t know, but you know what I’m Talking About, (akr) During that time, you're Able to See Interdimensionally as well, Specifically, Like an X-ray.. but a very Specific X-ray to take, and you're Able to Look Through Anything and Everything (akr) Find if it's "Habitable". of course a Planet Required to be Habitable - Even During that time..but Still, Take into Consideration - that Everything was Not Yet - as Physical as It is now. it was More: Formidable, Flexible - Yet Stable. the Actual manifestation of 3D, Happened quite awhile ago..ok, but i'll..get there as well so..Anu was of course - Pleased. because Here is: a manifestation of that Exact Place.. where he had, Previously and his Race, Gotten the gold from (em) Anu Asked them the Following: "am i Move my Planet: Here?" (hmm).. the Atlanteans, of course had to Consider this - because it’s Never been Done Before Each one has their Own Planet, and that's it. No one has Ever Come Up with a Question - Like that, in Terms of "Asking for Help". Asking for Help from the Perspective of, you know: "i Need to Actually Inhabit your Planet with you", they said: "ok, what Maybe Under the Ground, under Near the Earth's Core" "is the Place where you're Able to - Develop your gold from..your Planet, Itself, However.." Must be in the Universe (um)..because then, they Still Believe that: if Other beings.. Actually "Inhabit" Another's Planet..their Essences will Infuse into One, and.. it will be Like a "Mating..Experience", where Another Race will Start Developing (grin).. so they..Refrained from Actually having Two Races, Remain in One Planet, because.. in Terms of how it Existed in the Galaxies and in the Universes was then, was That: Everything was One. Meaning the Following: One Planet, with One Race. With One Universe and One Galaxy. and that was "All One" - in their Complete Expression (um)..and then you have a Different Planet, you know..with a Different Race.. with a Different Galaxy and a Different Universe, and..that was All One - for them But Even in that "Oneness", Everything was Separated: in Massive Separation (um).. and that's when there were..there was like this (hmm)..Believed?.."Prophecy” or something.. that if Two Races would Dare..Exist on One Planet, that they would..Design/Create Another Race. Therefore, it was like the "Law of Existence" and, Yeah. There were Laws. they were like the Unspoken Laws: that Everyone Knew and Abided by. and so, Anu Agreed. (um), now him with his Few.. (akr)..beings in the Annunaki Race, Moved to Earth. now, they had then: themselves, Here - Under the Earth..(akr) Crust - Near the Core..where they, of course then, Established All the Necessary - Utensils and Designs, to now Distribute their gold ok, this is me - Jack. i'll Continue with how Exactly, they Distributed their gold and manifested gold More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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This is Jack, and Im continuing. So, I was where Anu went to the Atlanteans, presenting himself as an acceptable presentation for the Atlanteans.

The Atlanteans--personally, they werent a judgmental race. I enjoyed them, personally; I enjoyed visiting them. They didnt have much visitors,

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