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Locate Full Text Using FindIt! Link

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This video will show you how to find the full text of articles using the Find It! button. Often when you are searching in a database like Academic Search Complete the full text will be available right there within the database. For example, I'm going to look at this first article about the 2008 election And I can see that there is a link that says PDF Full Text By clicking on that link, it should open a PDF copy of the whole article I can read the whole thing right here. I'm going to return to my result list and look for another example. In number 3 here, "Dialogic Absurdity" click on the title again I can see that we don't have the link for the full text right here. It's missing. So what I need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page. And look for the Find It! button, which you'll see in all the OU Library databases... and click on the link This should open a new window, or a new tab If there is the full text of the article available in another OU database there will be a link, highlighted in yellow. Go ahead and click on that link. It should take you to wherever that article is located. In this case, I'm in the EJC. And here, I can click on this link for the PDF Full Text The Find It! button serves as your bridge between the database that you were searching... ...and the database where the full text of the article is located. So now I have the PDF version of the article and I read the entire article right here. If you have any problems or questions about finding articles using the Find It! button or anything else, please remember to return to the library home page and use the Ask a Librarian tab.

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Posted by: hagman on Oct 21, 2009

Video showing how to locate the full text of an article using the FindIt! button in Ohio University Library databases.

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