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Bernanke: I Don't Understand the Gold Price

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This is automatic translation of czech translation if you wish to correct it contact [email protected] that is not fully understood the price movement of gold. This is hardly surprising after the Fed inflated account while interest rates on hold at zero. Keynesian economics simply do not understand it. Keynes said that gold is a barbarous relic. And in his theory of the gold and treated as barbaric enjoyment. The more the state intervenes in the free market the longer the injures his menu. I won the Nobel Prize, but I think that movements in the price of gold can be easily explained Firstly, the Fed's Account, which in the last three years has increased more than twofold. On this chart you can see that the Fed fired account during the financial crisis in 2008. Second, the Fed steadily increased the amount of money in the system. This is the amount of money, not the total (M3) but you can see how much our currency is in the system compared to gold. Thirdly, interest rates are kept at zero so money obviously does not hold any value the money must go into some assets, such as. gold. And that is what makes the Fed. Meanwhile our government builds up debt just to keep our economy. Here you can see that our deficit to GDP is the value of scary. This simply by showing that we need more debt that we maintain our GDP in the black time will become harder and harder to keep our GDP without even greater indebtedness. I think all these charts are just common sense and clearly explain why the price of gold continues to grow. Ben Bernanke has no idea either us or deceives the eye.

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Bernanke: I Don't Understand the Gold Price

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