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Bin Ali's Diaries

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Hello...hello...Sarko? Hello...yes...who's this? It's..It's...your brother...Bin Ali Good evening are you? Where's the good? I'm stuck in a plane looking for somewhere to stay All of it's because of my hairdresser wife Do you have an extra king sized bed for me in France? Sorry, Zezo, all the beds are reserved for your in-laws and relatives All of your lot is here as well... to be honest there's nowhere here for you What! You must be from the Traboulsi family; those bastards Okay... maybe Muammar has a solution Hello...hello Muammar, can you hear me...hello Well hello Zein...welcome Shaboob...what do you want? (Family names) Not Trabulsi or Shaboob, help me may God have mercy on your father The citizens... they want to take revenge on me Why!...what happened? I made them understand...but, they didn't understand me It seems like Kleenex (Wikileaks) really does work! Okay, Zein...I'll send you two women...but, don't come to Libya I don't want the Tunisian people here The situation...needs...looking after Only Berlusconi can help (Answering machine): The Italian Government welcomes you Prime minister Berlusoni is busy right now... with pornographic negotiations Please call later I'm so upset Save me, Obama This is the White House How can I help? Hello, this is Bin Ali I need Obama Please, it's urgent (Speech): In the name of God t, Most Gracious, Most Merciful People of Tunisia... ****** Where are you Hosni Hello Hello, Mubarak Hello... this is Bin Ali The phone's credit is almost finished God have mercy on your father... I know that your my brother, and that you love me I want to stay for a few days in Egypt What! Come here! I hope you pay for this; you've made problems for me with my own people Hello King Abdullah? Hello, Zein How are you? It seems like using rifles is haram I want to make up for my sins You are very welcome here The Saudi football team is weak and needs a butcher for a player Let me stay with you, and I'll do what ever you want ♪ Welcome dear one ♪ ♪ Cherished one, nice to see you ♪ [Translation into English : Nichola HAMMOUDEH for the Yallah Film Festival]

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Duration: 3 minutes and 9 seconds
Country: Jordan
Language: Arabic
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Posted by: kharabeesh on Sep 12, 2011

Overthrown Tunisian President Zain Al Abideen Bin Ali scrambles to secure a destination for his escape.. Where will he end up?

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