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Jacque Fresco - Adaptation, Established, Allegiance to Earth, Resource Management

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What is the process of adaptation? Well, naturalist believed that nature, in some way, has a process in which works through the genetic code, and nurturing the organism, so, it best meet needs of that environment. That is not true, the environment keeps changing. And the organism changes many different ways. If the way that the organism changes does not correspond to the environment, the organism dies out. So, the only organism that survive are those organisms that fit on the characteristics of that environment. In other words, what naturalists need more so is, i don't know. I wonder how that works. And do studies on it, careful studies before you say "well, that is a natural characteristic of the animal". We don't know that, you know? Go off and inventing, what you think is a reason for think. You say, i don't have the means to investigate that, we don't have the technology to do that, that's all right. But there is no way that any information get into the brain. In other words... ... to a chase, i gave them books to read by americans, not for an agents, so they learn how police come into power, what formulates the FBI, or the CIA, or the KGB, or any organizations. All those organizations are therefore, just to keep things as they are. And watch out for what they call subversive behaviour. Subversive behaviour is anything that intends to diminish this system. So, i was in point of the definition of it. So, i don't think would be such a thing like subversive behaviour. I think that behaviour, to the some people, suffering great deal different economies, and the man different social arrangements. But those different social arrangements are trapped to the control group. So they are picked up as educators. Everyone is an educator, Benjamin Franklin was an educator. You know, everybody. Edison was an educator. ...but the ways of solving problems other than killing people. Now here they take a group of scientists and engineers, and they are working on flying machines. You give them flying machine, and they use it to bomb cities. You give them dynamite, which can be used for many different purposes, and they use to blast people in pieces. So, how can a person be scientific, if they have legions to their country, rather than to the earth and everyone on it, and intelligently using resources? This would be a scientist to me. I have not mentioned it. I would have an interesting... ...all the people of the earth, with all of the earth's resources, and manage them. Then, i found that even in that system, humans of a particular country would be straightly in time to manage resources a little bit in behalf of their own social group. And that is when i said we have to use scientific scales of performance, scales, instruments, that do the survey, and allocate the resources. Because humans are not that involved during the transition, they will be inclined to sleep back. I believe. And so, i wouldn't take that chance of me or anyone else, allocating resources. ... so you see the lack of the military... Well, once the nations of the world join together, and agree to return the environment to it's near natural condition is possible, once you agree to that, once you agree to scientific scales of performance for the measurement of resources and distribution, once they agree that the direction that we talk about should be installed, clam-sling the gulf stream, removing whatever we can from the oceans, and filtering the air in particular regions of the country, cleaning... once that agreement was made, then the procedures would be innovated and improved. They start out with what exist. The existing methods for cleaning the air, the oceans, and then, a lot of material is allocated to research value. Not money. Material resources are allocated to do that job. But it is not one resource. It's electrostatic filters for dust, and other systems, other innovative projects. Methods of evaporating condensation, not only one method, but fifty different methods. You ask, what will people do? We have not be done to do what has to be done. So, materials, not money, will be allocated to laboratories before they even ask for it. They all have instruments that show the presence safe of the seas, what was being added by this university, that university, or this group, or that group, and you will be able to modify the research while you are working at it. So that, the end of patents, what patent do is "I'm not showing you what i have got, you don't show me what you have got." Show me yours and i show you mine. So that moves around to that level, you will see this progress bell move up almost vertically. But when each corporation, each research laboratory, and each school getting more graduations, and this came from MIT. Then you are defeating what science is. That is why i said that today they are hardly any scientist. So i... ...out, and what a river island is what is needed. You have to flush out all the crap, and that takes time. And the person says, 5 year project, get off. There are lot of people that are halfway there, i prefer you work on them. We don't need to convince everybody. subscribe... thanks!

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In these outtakes from "Future by Design", Jacque discusses adaptation, established systems, and allegiance to Earth, rather than nationalities.

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