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Hall Pass (2010)

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(woman's voice) I miss going out with you on Saturday nights. I think it would be good for us to go out one night a week, where it's just you and me. I think it would be healthy.... (interrupting) You gotta be kidding me! What? You just checked out that girl's butt. Do you think she noticed? (guy) How the hell does your wife catch you checking out another girl? You gotta spot her from from 15 feet away, turn, and wait for her to walk into your line of vision. What do you mean? Look, you can't help it if her butt walks where you're already looking. Oh. (woman) What the hell is wrong with you two? You are completely obsessed with sex. [clicking] Ch-ch-ch-ch. What are you doing? Taking mental photographs. Ch-ch-ch-ch. Ch-ch-ch-ch. (Joy Baher) Most married men believe that, if not for you, they could actually be with these other women. I'm giving you a hall pass. A what? A what? A hall pass. [typewriter clicking] It's just you and me buddy, for the next 6 days! Let me log out. Okay, you log out, I'm going to try to nail the receptionist. [Shop Boyz - "Party Like A Rockstar"] ♪ Party like a rockstar, party like a rockstar ♪ Are you guys sure Applebee's is the best place to meet hot, horny women at? What are you thinkin' - Olive Garden? It's gonna be a long week. I think we need to pace ourselves. What? It's only 9:15. (fFred) Freddy ti-ti. You guys need to live it up! Look what I got here? What are those? Just some brownies. A little bit naughty. [sitar music] [snickering] What kind of soap do you use? Dove? I like Dove. Feel this. That is so soft. Yeah. ♫ [Elton John- "Saturday Night's Alright"] Maybe we should just call the girls and ask them to come home. No way. If we can't show that something positive can come from having a hall pass, the whole concept is dead for all mankind. What's with the helmet? Oh, chicks dig motorcycles. I got a few pickup lines to help us get the ball rolling. Hello. Hello. Hola! This is why we need to go to a gay bar. Excuse me - do you think these bar napkins smell like chloroform? I'm kiddin'. Fred Searing, can I buy you a drink? [sirens] Wow. [glass shattering] What the hell was that? He can't get any bigger! Lookatthis! Tall blonde, right here. (man) She surrounds herself with less attractive women, to make it look like a ten. Hot. Not. That's amazing! You're like a beautiful mind. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Nov 21, 2010

CC Trailer for Hall Pass

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