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教你超越死亡/永生 的答案: 察觉我是这里

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Solution of - Realizing I am Here (em) this is the Solution of: I - Am - HERE i am Here to Communicate about the Solution: as I am Here as has been Mentioned - No human being, within this World, has Yet - Lived this Manifested Expression: of I Am Here - in Every Moment of Every Breathe this I - i speak of, in the Statement of "I Am Here", is I as a Living Word Manifestation of Life as Life: Within and as Oneness and Equality i - as the Living Word of Life, as the Sound harmonic Expression, of Life as Life this I: of I Am Here, in Every Moment of Every Breathe, is the Living Statement - of Who You Are - that Stands Constant and Continuous, in Every Moment of Every Breathe the Same yesterday, today and tomorrow: UnChangeable, "UnTouchable" from the Perspective of: that Who You Are Here - as I Am Here, in Every Moment of Every Breathe: IS Life of LIFE (All Life) Life is - Who You Really are. and have a look, this Living Statement - in Application as Living Word of Self, as a Sound Harmonic Expression of Self, as I Am Equal and One, as Self Realization - for Each and Every Single human being - in this World have a Look: if Each and Every Single human being, within this World, Live this: I Am Here - Statement of Self, of Breathe in the Moment = as the Living Word.. Living Word as Self. Here: in Every moment of Breathe, of Life.. and Oneness and Equality, as All as One as Equal - All of humanity, within this World Will Stand: One and Equal as I am Here - this I, as the Living Word of Life: as One as Equal, as All as One as Equal where the Words Spoken: is the Sound Expression of Life and this "I Am Here" - in Every moment of Every Breathe: Remains as I - Remain, Infinitely (smile) - to a Certain Extent: Beyond Infinitely human beings: Live - I Am Here = which is in Every moment of Every Breathe Realize that this is a Process because you've Never - Yet, Actually Live You.. as the Living Word, as the Statement of you - in Application of "I Am Here" therefore, it's a Process - of Stopping (through as)the mind through: Self-Forgiveness, and Self-Honesty, and Self-Corrective Application - together with the Breathing Process then, to within these, Assist and Support yourself: in Living Words as You with No Separate Definition, Connotations, or Pictures - to the Words or even Memories, Emotions or Feelings: but Living Words - as One and Equal as You that you become the Living Statement: of Life - Here, in Every moment of Every Breathe.. as I Am Here. Thank you very much. Please Join us for Discussions: For Interview Updates: Join, Beyond the grave - More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN:

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Country: South Africa
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Posted by: destenichineses on Aug 5, 2009


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