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Hello, how are you? I am here with Carolina Aguerre and Eduardo Santoyo. We are at the ICANN 46 Meeting in Beijing, after we released yesterday the Latin American and Caribbean Strategic Plan. I would like to talk for a little bit so you can share your views on the plan, what you consider should be done from now on, which are the most important aspects you would like to highlight, etcetera.

Thank you. I think that... what we said yesterday, it was said by many different people throughout the document presentation, I believe we never had the opportunity, as a region, to have so many different participants sitting at the same table, during a process that took many months, well, three or four months, and that has been an oportunity, this platform for dialogue, to get to know each other better, to share our experience, to bring us closer and to see what points of contact we share in our agendas and how we can develop Internet in the region, regarding the aspects related to ICANN. And for me it was an outcome, a result of this exchange, which has been critical. I am very excited about what will come next, which has to do with improving the strategy and its implementation during the next months.

That's great.

Yes. Well, from my point of view, there were many rewards, lots of good things. The work development, from the region's organizations' basis, to be able to propose and establish projects with ICANN, within its strategic guidelines, that will help improve the region's engagement in these globally discussed Internet-related subjects, they have been tremendously important, both for the richness of the exchange with the different stakeholders in the region, and the group's ability to implement proposals, to make very specific proposals, that will surely help improve those relationships in the region, ICANN, benefiting both sides. Because I believe that all of us will win by implementing the projects identified. We benefit a great deal out of this because we increase our participation and engagement in the development of this global entity that we all want to be a part of, which is ICANN, as a multi-stakeholder model, as well as ICANN, who gains the information regarding how it can engage with the region regarding the aspects that are most important for ICANN, more

Right. What do you think, from your point of view, we should work on from now on? I mean, we have completed the planning stage and now the implementation stage will begin. How do you think work with the community should be carried out, within the same working group? What is your mission?

Well, that's a really good question, I think that this is a stage where we have to really, each organization representing the community that we are a part of, we have to raise awareness and take responsability. Every one of us, representing different stakeholders. I think the entire group has had a very generous attitude towards this, not representing individual or corporate interests at the time. But the truth is that during the implementation stage each organization has their own operational framework, they know well who their stakeholders are and which stakeholders they represent, and here we are, representing others, although not in a personal capacity. So, this work towards addressing reality, the tasks and the action framework of each one of our groups who we represent, is critical for this implementation stage. We need to seek for, to constantly gather comments, feedback on, in our case, or particularly my case, ccTLDs, in order to carry out all the items related to the region's registries.

Rodrigo, I think that, in addition to what you said, Carolina, ICANN should now take responsibility for the implementation, should coordinate the execution. It's about space allocation, let us say, where the execution and implementation leader needs to be ICANN. And it has to call for, as Carolina was saying, many more stakeholders within and outside the region to support the region's Strategic Plan, but not necessarily regional stakeholders, because its possible that we may need to engage with other regions in order to support the ICANN and the Latin American and Caribbean Strategic Plan, but the responsibility for coordinating the implementation will necessarily be ICANN's. And we need to consider the participants who were involved in this initial stage, during this proposal's planning stage, but we will most likely have to invite many other participants to join in, to work and engage. You can count on us for that matter. I think that all of us who have been participating will be willing to continue collaborating, but other stakeholders need to be engaged, both from this region and other regions, to help carry out the plan, under ICANN's coordination, which has the ability to convene participants and incredible readiness, which is very important for this task.

Well, first I would like to talk about a topic that was also announced yesterday, which is the establishment of what is known as the Engagement Centers in the world. During the meeting here in Beijing, it was mentioned that the first center would be here, would be located here in Beijing, and that the second would be in our region, Latin America and the Caribbean. This is an important matter where I would like to get your input on, because it will be located in the Internet Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean, where the organization you represent, LACTLD, the representation of the ccTLDs in the region, is also a member, so, we'll be neighbors, right? So, I would like to know a little about your experience in the hub, what sort of engagement have you been able to have with the ISOC, LAC-IX, ACET, RedClara, with all the Internet organizations in the region.

Well, all general co-existence processes require adaptation processes, and this happens in all kinds of relationships, with our spouses and our families, for example. Initially, you have to adapt, but in the end you obtain a great benefit, by understanding that when creating a shared environment where you interact with other, helps with communication and comprehension, in order to carry our joint activities, which is a good thing. But I especially think there is a really good thing here. You have to be involved constantly, in order to be able to measure the temperature, the feeling and carry out informal conversations most of the time, know what is going on, what you can do, what is expected for you to do. This is enhanced by having a local presence in the region, and this is why I applaud ICANN's decision, from a personal and institutional point of view, for creating these regional relationship centers and deciding to locate one in Latin America. This is really positive and it will help this Plan, and the organizations' relationship with ICANN, in general, to improve.

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