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Global Lives: Rael Feliciano, São Paulo, Brazil

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Wait a minute. Always arguing, man, Bonito is really something, man Arguing! It's true, one drink and that's it. It's the alcohol, it's the alcohol... Let's go to Extra, let's go. Hey! It's crazy out there, but it's still a place for everyone who wants to live Favela Favela This is it, this is it Some are getting into it, others posing but few are makin' it and livin' for rap, not by rap chillin' where there's rap telling yourself that rap is all there is not half way, ability, availability to cross the city, if need be there's bounty, seek in simplicity reality however you can Let it go, it's not about if we're together or not It ain't your business I think it's a deal when I do it from the start When it's about education, a trade a rotten heart knows all about this I forgot the chorus Since you forgot, I'll add on Making my rhymes, doing my movement I'm doing my rhyme thing right here, right now A bunch of friends hanging out by some stairs We're here at Extra waiting for the booze We're all together and no one's alone But I know who it is, who's down with the cops What's the PCC got, what side are you on? Come on, let's rhyme, we're here and we're together... It's all about the rhyme and the brothers talk about it Iporanga is my 'hood, my family, my life My rap is my sound, my music and my life V.V. and Raul are here, Bonito's here and my rhyme Gets weird but I don't get confused I might have finished talking I don't even care and I'll rhyme with myself, dig it? Hold on, some guys are coming There's Mamada, there's Massau who's an MC And Carroça and I don't know who else My rhyme's coming to an end but I'm too fast Let's have a smoke and not work. Corn and meat for you? My gastritis... Hey, you better learn I was there at 8, man Cool, it wasn't a bad game, man There are many feelings and hearts, thoughts and reasons Just memories, feels like yesterday They sent me here I slept in a craze, woke up wanting to stay but Why feel bad? If it's all good If the bad times passed they were a lesson to me So many moments that we live Those uphill and downhill moments I've been through and realized that Everything will pass Anything is chance, nothing is forever Like I see it's all different now Not like it was in school No, I'm cool man Have something to eat Help yourself Thirty? Not thirty Just round off, ok? No Eighty five with the ten from today Woman hold her head and cry explaining to her was a passerby who saw the woman cry Where are those guys? It's swollen, right? Is the game finished? At Duda's? Capoeira? I don't think so It's still going on? Here? Yeah, here. Let's crash the party Really? Where? How's it going dude? I told you I'd surprise you, and here I am I thought you were coming yesterday dude I couldn't do it. I had other stuff to do. How's it going? It's all good. This is Nei, my cousin, and Bia, my cousin... How's it going? You're invading the poor man's shack? Wow! Said he was going to your house, just wants it to be cool everyone to be cool with it, really It's cool Just think I only know one move man What about lady Ana? I can gallop too Thanks for your patience, you've really helped me It's all good Later Gonna do a show, with some guys Really? Sure, talk to you later. Later Where did I put the socks I was gonna wear, you thief? Call, call Tell him to come Paulo, I'm searching over here Get over there Wellington Putting on my socks Let me put my shoes on She's too fat We're already late man Those ups and down I've been through and realized that Everything will pass, nothing is forever Like I see it's all different now Not like it was in school Chachaça, beer, women We got in without anybody noticing I went to school when I wanted I'm really tired He's got to live, just believe, you feel it deep down The tape and the feeling all go together Hip hop is made of... I miss you guys. Hey man, I didn't even say hi Stop by and we'll have a beer You live nearby, right? Wow, cool man I don't like the shirt

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Duration: 10 minutes and 42 seconds
Country: Andorra
Genre: None
Views: 1,373
Posted by: globallives on Jun 25, 2008

Overview of 24 hour footage.

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