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Ganassini Bellezza Sostenibile_Delivery7

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GANASSINI SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY Our family has always been aware of the importance of sustainability and open to the pursuit of new ideas. We asked the people we work with for their opinion on the issue. Today, sustainability means identifying an idea and staying with it, as it evolves, in other words, sustaining progress. And this is something that concerns me directly since obtaining the approval of the medical community is very difficult; it takes a great deal of time and a great deal of resources. So it is necessary that some of us should be in a position to act effectively and provide enlightened financial support. There may not be many such people, but they need to be found. And some of them have been. Art has always been associated with the concept of beauty, so the link between art and nurturing beauty is entirely logical and obvious. We believe that, above all, art is the creation of emotions, the emotion experienced by the artist in the act of creation and even more so the emotion of the viewer who looks at and feels the power of a work of art. It's an important play of interacting emotions which makes life interesting and constitutes the very essence of art. Sustainability in agriculture means being able to carry on doing the job tomorrow and in the future. Unless we realise that we have to keep resources like the countryside, water, the air, the earth, fully replenished, we cannot develop our agriculture, we cannot improve a sector that produces the essential commodity of food. There's an interesting principle that says that we don't inherit the earth from our fathers, but borrow it from our children. I'd like to start from the concept of beauty, not as a superficial, general act, but as a constituent element of our conduct, of our relationship with other people. Beauty is encompassed in the culture of art, both at the level of our heritage, and in our lives today, our everyday lives. What we systematically experience through painting, sculture, art as a whole. For Guri I Zi sustainability is finding innovative solutions to social problems. This is why the Idee Migranti no-profit organisation has chosen the social enterprise as a tool to tackle the issue of poverty. In 2006 we set up a textile laboratory in Albania, with the intention of restoring dignity and guaranteeing work for the women in the community. As Iulus says, for us sustainability is helping people in poverty to become small entrepreneurs. This is our idea of sustainability. Now we want to know about your proposals. SHARE YOUR SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT!

Upload photos or videos of your project with a brief description at: Or send all of your material to: [email protected] Ganassini Institute and the jury will select the best project to support with a donation of 5,000 €.

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Ganassini Bellezza Sostenibile_Delivery7

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