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Characters and Stories Behind Elephant & Castle (2)

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I play a theatrical version of myself. And, um... ...the play (Lillian laughs)... ... is about Tom's sleep walking and sleep talking and how we as a couple... deal with it and navigate through the ridiculous and the funny and the slightly embarrassing, and potentially dangerous moments of your nocturnal activities. Nice. I play a version of myself - uh husband, I'm Tom. And we on stage, we present Tom and Lilly. And... this... I like this show because it kind of, it's got two perspectives... It's got, really, kind of my perspective which is unconscious, I've got no idea what I'm doing - I'm sleep walking, I'm sleep talking - The other perspective is Lilly's perspective... and she's conscious of what's going on. And she... can sort of wake up (Tom laughs) She wakes up and has to help me, either, sort of if I'm walking around the room... kind of moaning, groaning... then she has to help me get back to bed. Lilly is kind of a carer, which is really, I like that part of the show. We show that in the show, kind of that side of a relationship. How someone cares for someone else. Someone was talking about it with me the other day actually, about how there's usually...'ve gotta deal with a relationship in the daytime, you don't usually have to deal with the relationship in the - when you're in the nocturnal period. When you're kind of both asleep. I think that was really interesting to us, isn't it? The idea of, you don't really know who you are when you're asleep and... ...and that was sort of a surprise element to our relationship, we thought it'd be quite funny, way of delving into... you know, this idea of you think you know somebody - you think you know yourself - and then... then you're surprised. Exactly.

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Posted by: jamescrosscpt on Oct 1, 2018

The first time my wife and I shared a bed I told her “I want to get in a wardrobe and take you to Elephant and Castle”. I was asleep.

Do you tell the truth when you talk in your sleep? Are sleep-talkers always on the verge of admitting some dark desire or, even more unthinkable, telling the person we share a bed with what we really think of them?

That’s the dangerous premise behind Elephant and Castle, a new, experimental show that springs from three years of recorded sleep talk.

From there, it becomes tender, funny, uncomfortable and dark too, as the mutterings never quite take the form of honest coherence. But does the incoherence conceal the truth? Is there something struggling to be said? Something perhaps that is painful and potentially disastrous for this relationship?

Using live music, song and verbatim sleep recordings, Elephant and Castle is a gig-theatre show about the joy and terror of sharing your bed with a sleep-talker.

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