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Yarisugi urban legend [Part 1]

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There are only a few hours left before the date of the Mayan Prophecy mentioning the end of the world. A connection between ancient Mayan civilization and the universe

A true story that Mayans only knew

What is the secret of the human race which is far beyond our imagination? Mr. Urban Legend "Seki" tackles the mystery. The countdown for the end of the world. What's the meaning of "The New Era" that is going to be revealed tonight? "Overdone Urban Legend Gaiden" This time we went back to Mexico December 22th. The Mayan Prophecy is just a day away. I will introduce to you the true mystery that awaits beyond that day It's up to you whether to believe it or not. "That dude is killing." The Mayan civilization is said to have been prosperous for a long time since about 2500 years ago until when it disappeared in a jungle all of a sudden, before the Europeans reached the Americas in the 16th century. There has been some theories for the disappearance of Mayan civilization such as a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, a huge hurricane, those kind of sudden natural disasters, and a riot of farmers. In the middle of that, there has been a theory for the reason why the Mayan civilization disappeared, which is becoming popular in Mexico. That is "Virus" Even though the Mayan civilization suddenly disappeared in the jungle, it's not that all the mayans got killed by the virus Then, where in the world did they disappear to? That is the underground. In fact, a lot of Mayans' bones have been discovered deep in the ground. The prophecy made by Mayan has been interpreted as "The return of the God from Mayan myth", "The Photon Belt " which causes radio disturbances and abnormal weathers, an impact event with the Earth and so on. Why are there so many rumors that the world is going to end by 2012? The answer is "The Aztec Calendar" It's a huge stony calendar found in 1790 which is said to be made by Emperor of Aztec empire. A circular motif with a diameter of 3.6 meters is engraved on a 24-ton basalt rock. The calendar of the Mexican native "Aztec" influenced by Mayan. It tells 4 eras that we have been through. According to the calendar, now we are living in the fifth era, and the last date of the era is December 22th 2012 . So that last day engraved on the Aztec Calendar is the one that has spread across the world as the end-of-the-world stories. This face means the fifth era, in other words "The era of the Sun", where we live now. And you see there are 4 squared pictures surrounding our era. The top-right one is the first era put an end by a jaguar. And the one to the left shows an era destroyed by wind. And the one below it is an era destroyed by flame. And the one to the right describes an era destroyed by a huge flood. And now the fifth era is approaching its end. The end of the fifth era "The era of the Sun". What could it mean? Seki first visited one of the Mayan ruins "Ek' Balam" in Mexico. There is some special sculptures there. That's it. Do you see the people with wings? Well you can see all kinds of things with wings at many Mayan ruins, but its quite rare that people have wings. This might make you think "Were there some people who used to travel to the heaven in ancient time? " Maybe they were emissaries sent from the heaven. Speaking of emissaries, it's safe to say it's the pronoun of Japanese anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" You know, "Evangelion" has a lot of messages, which I believe is pretty popular. I mentioned before that the symbol of Freemason is in the protagonist's name "Shinji Ikari" right? That's a ruler[定規] of a mason[石工] . and.. You know. His mother "Yui Ikari" is described as a ruler. And the ruler means a woman. And this compass which describes a man...

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