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2875 Attending a One Stop Breast Assessment Clinic

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You will be invited to a ‘One Stop Breast Assessment Clinic’ if you see your GP with a suspected lump in your breast, and they referred you to the hospital. The one stop breast assessment clinic is a hospital clinic that works to quickly identify the cause of your symptoms and to rule out anything suspicious. Many people like to bring a partner, friend or relative with them, and we encourage this. Please be aware that they will not be allowed inside the examination room, but can be there to keep you company. On the day of your appointment, please do not use any deodorant, body sprays or moisturisers on the skin on or around the breast as this can alter the quality of the images, should you need them. We recommend that you wear trousers, or a skirt rather than a dress, as you will have to undress to your waist. The one stop breast assessment clinic is run by the hospital's breast team and you will be seen by one of our doctors or specialist nurses. They will take a detailed history of the breast problems you have experienced and understand why you went to see your GP. They will ask you questions about previous breast problems, any history of breast disease in your family, your menstrual history, any previous or current pregnancies, and about your health in general. Make sure you have thought about these things prior to your appointment. The doctor will then want to examine you. Even if you have only reported problems in one breast, they will examine both breasts, as well as feeling around your neck and shoulders for any other swelling or lumps. After this, the doctor will decide which further examinations would be appropriate. This may consists of a mammogram and, or a breast ultrasound. In a mammogram, you will need to place your breast on the mammogram machine and then a plastic plate lowers down and partially compresses it. This helps to keep your breast still and is essential to obtain an image. This can be uncomfortable, but doesn't last for long. Two x-rays will be taken of each breast so that we can see them from different angles. The mammograms only take a few minutes. A breast ultrasound scan uses a small probe which produces high frequency sound waves to look for abnormalities, such as lumps, fluid collections and the thickening of tissue. Occasionally, it may be necessary to take a small sample of your breast tissue. This may be done with a fine needle and using ultrasound to guide the doctor, or by using a procedure called a Breast Biopsy which is explained in a separate video. It is up to you whether this is done during the appointment, or arranged for another time. The results from these investigations are usually available within a week, and a follow-up appointment will be arranged for you. It is important that you ask us about anything you need to know or about any worries you have. Our contact details are provided at the end of this video and our Breast care nurses will be present at the one stop clinic and are available to answer any questions you may have.

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2875 Attending a One Stop Breast Assessment Clinic

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