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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~14:20:29 - 14:47:24

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-Lunch! -OK. -Lunch! -OK. What do you say, is it working well? -It’s like it’s been in use the whole winter! -Great. It just needs to blow out a little. -Yes. -There’s no one to… -Aunty, look at her! -What? -She’s in the kennel. -Oh, she enjoys when I work in here. She gets in the kennel, crosses her paws like this and then we’re good. -Yes. -Really, as a rule, when I work in here, she lies in her kennel and she behaves. (cell phone ringing) Hello, Sloba? I went... I was going to go and see my bees so I called you. I thought I’d ask you for advice. Well, nothing in particular, I didn’t check them for a long time, so I simply didn’t know what to expect. When I went, I saw they drew the honeycomb under the shallow box, which means they need comb foundation. Well I didn’t make it to see them until now. Yes, probably… Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes… Yes, yes… I’ve just been making something like that.. Yes, yes.. Aha, Aha. Yes… Right, right.. I saw that now. It’s been a while since the last time I went to the beehive. I couldn’t make it, you know. I didn’t even open the hives. I just went to see them and luckily I brought a lot of honeycomb and some comb foundations and I’ve already... Sloba? I’ve already started putting in the frame. I see… Yes, I know, I know… I know, yes, yes… But I can see they drew the one from drone, you know... Yes, yes, yes… Yes… Yes… As soon as possible. That's right. Yes, yes, yes... I know, I had a lot of work here and with the house, you know, really lots of work, I was overwhelmed, so I couldn’t… Slobo, let's not make this longer. I’d love to see you. So I have work for one more day and that will most likely be tomorrow, so then we could meet up, depending on the weather. I’ve heard it’ll get colder... OK. OK... I’ll have it in mind. That’s right. OK, Slobo, OK. Yes. See you. Goodbye. Milica, shall we have lunch? I could have a rakia... - No, don’t drink. -What did you say? -Don’t. Only because of the antibiotic you’re taking. -A small one... I can have honey rakia. (music from the radio) I can have honey rakia. So help us God. Have some... Who's the hungriest? -You are. Go ahead, have some. -I'm really feeling a bit better. -Good. -I wasn't so great yesterday, but today... -Did you take your medicine? -He did. This one does you good. You have to take the whole box. -I ran in too many directions. I walked quite a lot today. -A lot? How are your bees? -Go there, come back, go there... -Are your bees OK? -They're good. I should’ve gone to see them earlier. I’m already a little late. -Well hopefully you'll finish it tomorrow? Dule came. -Yes? -Well, I told you about it. -Ljubinko didn’t call? He did. He should be here in an hour, but I didn’t want to wait. I thought we could eat... Mmm… Delicious. Do you like the thick soup? -Aha. -It’s tasty. - Real spring one. I added milk and yogurt, just a little bit of water. -It’s already 4 p.m. -Milos is waiting... Ljubinko is waiting for Milos. -I'm really hungry. -Eat. You know what? You’re still not completely healthy. -Should I bring the rest? Are you done? You won’t have any more soup? There’s liver, too. -Then I don’t want more. -We have mashed potatoes and that liver. (wife speaking) -How do you know? Have you heard what you just told me? -Why? Not you. -But to whom? -I didn’t tell you, but him. (incomprehensible) -I’ve had enough, no? -I thought for him... -Like, you’re tired... I thought you told me, and what would I do with more? -I didn’t even look… I didn’t see you were having... -Let me give you some salad. Do you want me to put it in your plate or here? -Here. A little. -You have to hold your plate. Nice, mum. Do you want some salad? -Do you know that Andjelka called me? -Called you? -She called me, and we talked but I don’t know why. -She's your friend. I don't know. -Wait, how did you…? -I was in my thoughts... -Wait, she called you…? -I didn't pay enough attention. Yes. -She called you to… -I was making plans for my bees... -She called you on your cell phone or at home? -Home. -And did she leave me a message? -I can’t remember. At first she thought I was Ljubinko... And what did she tell me then? She asked me if the sofa was done. -And you got rid of her? -I don't know... -Goca called me. -Goca who? -Stojkovic. She has a problem with her father. She’s crying... What can I do. -Is Mr. Aca alive? -For a day or two more. That’s the prognosis. -You would know whether it's a few more days or... or few more years. Awful. -Did you set the date? -The two of us came to that conclusion. -You call Andjelka and ask what was it that she wanted. -She’s your friend. You’re going to call her. There’s enough salad. I’ll make some for them when they come. -Which fork did I take? -This one. The whole time you're working in the tool shed, Aska sits there and doesn't move. -Yeah. She enjoys sitting there while I’m working. -When you left, she spent the whole time lying at the front door. She wasn’t interested in anything. -Yeah. She loves you the most... -That mess in the backyard, I don't know what we'll do with it. It's awful. -Really awful. -Plus they poured out this sand. That was like… -Like it was on purpose. -Cherry on the cake. -Whipped cream. -Really on top.

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Duration: 26 minutes and 55 seconds
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
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Posted by: globallives.serbia on Oct 23, 2009

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