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Case Study: Structural Resonance - Angela: Desteni

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Structural Resonance: Angela Hi angela, this is your structural resonance, and.. as you've heard..we are all..'exactly the same'. so, I am starting with the following: purpose (smile). this going to be simple. this interview is going to be..your, starting point. if you allow it to be. The starting point of the discovery..of you. of yourself. It is not some..path. it is not some..journey it is not some..ascension process. That would be..a lie. This is a discovery..a unearthing, of yourself. like being an archeologist. (smile) of course you'll have some 'skeletons' coming up. until you..reach, it's not 'reach'.. until you get, come, experience, see, realize..the core, that is you. You are, at the moment 'layers' an onion. you have 'layers', and each 'layer' of what you have become, are required to be peeled off, slowly but surely. Until you the center, of the onion..which is the 'i'..which is you. This is what this process is all about. nothing extravagant. nothing airy-fairy. nothing..beautiful. because you 'are', that beauty..already, you only have to realize it, and accept it. Now back to purpose. Angela, you aint gonna get purpose..for yourself, in this world. It's impossible. there is no anything. Now I present to you the definition of purpose. the definition of 'purpose', would be to give yourself, purpose. You enjoy 'waiting' angela. yet, you act occasionally, but when it comes to 'you'..self-responsibility.. yeah, that's been missing for awhile. Why do I say that? Because you haven't within 'you', that is 'all' as one. That's the point angela..that has to be taken into consideration, from you. Where am I in all this? and remember.. those that..communicate, and Desteni..are 'specific'..i'll leave it as that. It is..'nothing' happens perchance..ever (smile) So angela, my suggestion..would be the following:, and we are suggesting this to all, because this is the starting point., what is being the beings..on the site. Start applying yourself.. start living start changing, you. it is just for a moment, and you'll realize.. that it's never your world that change, angela, it's 'you' that change. You change everything. So make your world that which you will be proud of.. make you..that which you will be proud of, 'infinitely'. You're able to create yourself, angela. but it has to be done..for 'all as one'. Meaning, that you will be able to stand..into infinity. In front of all of existence, and say: this is who I am. no shame, no regret, nothing to hide, no secret. that's where you must stand. until you are there (smile), we will speak again. and I am..with you, as you. Thank you very much. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 7, 2009


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