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Mettis Trainer CES (without subtitles)

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I'm Dr. Christian Sybrowsky. I'm an orthopedic surgeon with subspecialty training in orthopedic sports medicine and sports injuries. Making sure you've got the right shoes. You're running on the right surfaces. Train the right way. Useful information to me as a physician and as a surgeon would be what is the position of their foot during this dynamic gait when they're running? You know, where is their foot in space? When you're running, if you can get some dynamic feedback that's very useful. Are you overpronating when you run? Are you supinating when you run? Are you hitting your heel? Are you hitting on your toes? Where is the foot hitting? You don't get that from just a pressure plate. Hi, my name is Dr. Clark Larsen. I've been in practice for about 10 years. I think for me it would be being able to see exactly what their foot pressures are, in the forefoot loading or their hindfoot or that more overpronated foot type to see exactly where the forces are unequal. And this can cause more of a stress reaction towards a stress fracture progressing to an ankle sprain or as shin splints. I would have to say depending upon what level athlete it is that it's priceless. I'm Tony DeGreef. I'm here at the Mettis Labs, and I'm really excited about what we've developed. Mettis Trainer is a shoe insert that syncs with your smartphone to provide you with real-time data on balance, power, and technique. It not only leads to the best possible performance, but by ensuring proper technique Mettis helps prevent injuries as well. The biggest difference with Mettis Trainer is the ability to be trained in real time. Mettis helps train athletes of all sports where balance and technique are important. Mettis Trainer self-calibrates, charges wirelessly, and is perfect for athletes of all ages and abilities. We provide athletes with real-time portable data and training analytics. And there are no monthly fees or costly subscriptions. Mettis will help you have perfect balance, which leads to perfect technique, which means you are performing at your absolute best. I'm a runner. I'm addicted to running. I can't stop. Running is about becoming great. And greatness takes preparation. To achieve the best possible performance, you must have the best possible balance. Optimal in running training leads to optimal in run results. Mettis Trainer trains you to achieve perfect form, balance, and power all while you're running. Discover your greatness. Mettis Trainer. Balance, power, results. Are you ready?

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