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This is team Michael and Franklin, and right now we are facing North, towards the San Gabriel Mountains So, lets come back down to our site right here we have some (blacksage) but its actually California Buckwheat Abundance of (blacksage) CALIFORNIA BUCKWHEAT and you can see this (California Buckwheat) throughout our entire site We have our um... Sagebrush up here growing out of the (Blacksage) CALIFORNIA BUCKWHEAT And if we move towards the... if we move towards the west You can see our uh.. giant sycamore tree and now facing the south-west direction We have More (Blacksage) CALIFORNIA BUCKWHEAT now we're facing this direction and if you look a little bit upwards you can see live oaks some more (blacksage) CALIFORNIA BUCKWHEAT blasdnsageuh her ssss...some more sagebrush uhhh here we have a (scalebroom) WHICH IS ACTUALLY BLOOMED CALIFORNIA BUCKWHEAT wi..with eh it's with puffs saying that it is a little older the bigger puffs there are the younger it is (probably not true) but the puffs are whiter as they die and eventually shriveled as you can see right here we have a little lizard (Western Whiptail Lizard (Cnemidophorus tigris)) and lets go over there some more (blacksage) CALIFORNIA BUCKWHEAT, (Scalebroom) ALSO CALIFORNIA BUCKWHEAT here we go heres a little diversity in our spot we have some white sage Salvia apiana little bit of dead white sage and that grows to sort of an abundance over here towards the rocks mountain ranges over here this is the northeast directoin towards the more view of the San Gabriel mountains and that way is towards the river bed and we have over here... more (blacksage) CALIFORNIA BUCKWHEAT again.. . and we have some more... and we have the trail people minding their own business and walking their dog taking their small hike

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Posted by: franklinc999 on Nov 30, 2017

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