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Humanity Overdue (Repository)

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[♫ chill out music ♫] Knee Deep Productions Presents A film by MGT Global population October 2011: 7,000,000,000 Global poverty 13 million people die from poverty every year 36,000 a day 50% of the global population live on $2.50 а day or less. Global pollution. 10,000,000 tons of toxic chemicals released every year 7-8 months is the estimated cost to UK lifespan due to air pollution Global war 170,000,000 people have died due to war in the 20th century global military costs in 2010 were estimated at $1,630,000,000,000 HUMANITY OVERDUE (Announcer) The profit motive which draws Fudsy to accomplish so much may bring out the evil as well as the good. [Phone ringing] - Hello! - Fudsy old boy, I've got a great idea! Between us we can control 70% of the country's sales. - Yeah, but... - Quiet! Let's see what's cooking. - I smell trouble. - We'll clean up... - Terrific! We'll make millions! - Mean you! - Quiet! Okay Sam, it's a deal! - You'll be sorry. (Public speaker) We are for the occupations: the Occupy Oakland, Occupy the Stock Exchange. We are against the occupations of Palestine, Haiti and the other myriad of occupations in the world. [Cheering] What's the most important part of any structure? What's the most important part of structure? Look at this church. The rest of the structure wouldn't be there if it wasn't built on a solid foundation. The most important part of any structure is the foundation and if the foundation of the structure gets up and walks away the rest will have the choice of either following or crumbling. We stand in solidarity with the globally oppressed and we call for an end to the actions of our government and others in causing this oppression. (Occupy London) Тахеs are going up! University fees going up! Let's bring the troops home from the war! Have peace. Why waste money? (J. Friend, Occupy London) We've got to become aware of the fact that we have generated, our forefathers up to us, have generated a position of instability that needs sorting out. We've got a massive debt and instead of pointing the finger at each other and blaming each other for the state of the world we can make things happen and we can stop things happening by the language that we use. They should see what's happening. There are people who can't leave their houses because their mobility allowance has been cut. There are people who cannot afford legal representation. For me, these are rights of human beings who live in a democratic society and they're being taken away to support 1% of the population who live like kings already. Everything we need is already here. We've stripped the earth of so much of its material wealth but we've put it into a way that profits me as an individual but shits on everything, including me. As long as I don't look at the destructive attitude the destructive habits that that money has generated as long as I don't look at that, if I can keep the blinkers on and just look at money, then I'm all right. You can't put a money figure on life but we do. As a race we do. If you look at things like gold, diamonds, money, shit put them on the floor and watch them. The gold never even tarnishes. It will always stay gold, bright and shiny. The diamonds are forever. They won't change form or anything. The money might corrode a little bit but, thousands of years and it will still be exactly the same shape as it was. It won't do anything for you. Now the shit, that will turn into soil. Seeds and things will blow into it. They'll germinate and they'll spring up from it and you'll notice that life will come out of shit but it won't come out of money and it won't come out of gold or out of diamonds. Only one of those things is vital or viable, and that's the shit. (Announcer) We are builders builders of new freedoms and more power for a new age. We stand on the edge of that new age even now and the pioneering spirit, flowering in the air of freedom will dream and build new ways to put electric power to work. Welcome to the Eden Project (M. Paterson) The Eden Project is a unique destination. To different audiences, it is different things but first and foremost it's a public attraction. It's a botanic garden with the largest single collection of ethnobotany that are plants for human use, some 5000 species through 3 different climate zones and that's part of the unique display and message of Eden. We have a temperate bio, the outside temperate landscape. We live in a temperate climate here in the United Kingdom. There are also two very impressive geodesic domes, biomes as we call them housing plants from two different climate regions of the world: warm temperate climate regions and tropical and, to a certain extent, subtropical regions of the world. We are... It's a phrase that we've heard time and again, but no less true: we are living in very interesting, admittedly, also exciting times. 31st of October [2011], apparently, was the first time that this planet had 7 billion human beings living on it at any one moment and if we're going to be able to, not only allow the existing 7 billion including ourselves to have a happy, enjoyable life with the resources that we need for that and allow that for the existing 7 billion plus the expected population increase by 2050 that may take us up to as many as 10 billion people on this planet then practices and principles of sustainability have to be, not just maintained, but augmented. One of the perhaps more important elements for us is harvestable rain water. The core building, our educational resource center both covered biomes, have very large surface areas and we use them for rainwater-harvesting/rainwater-catchment. Some of that rainwater is stored, cleaned and we then use it site-wide for various purposes. A project that we hope will be starting to come online early next year is indeed a geothermal project. Geothermal is not a new technology. Indeed in some parts of the world, it doesn't involve drilling at all. It involves walking to the place and there's hot water bubbling to the surface and Iceland is a classic example for that. We are at the extremes, end of the line, so to speak of energy transfer, energy production in this country. If this country through wave energy, wind power, now geothermal can become both a leader and also an exemplar of what is possible to generate, that would be very favorable and very exciting. Water, precious liquid treasure. Water, running out. The message has to be at, I think, all three standard levels: at local, national and international and recognizing that we don't all have to pursue goals individually often sharing resources, sharing ideas is not just exciting and helpful but very pleasant. Lower taxes? Higher taxes? Record employment? Unemployment? Peace? War? Highest wages? Lower pay? States rights? Centralization of government? - Whoa, stop! I've tried. I've listened to everybody, on TV and radio I've read the papers and magazines. I've tried but I'm still confused. Who's right? What's right? What should I believe? What are the facts? How can I tell? The whole goal of an economy, of a society that runs very well is to completely minimize this kind of inefficiency. There's a way to go around this poverty this presupposition that poor people should somehow be served less by society than the rich. Tens of thousands of kids are dying every year because they can't get clean water. Regular people here (in Britain) that are being put out of work every day families that are hungry and children that are being abused physically emotionally and just through neglect, and clinging on and holding some illusion over that life's OK so, it's pretty chaotic at the moment. (B. Mcleish, The Zeitgeist Movement) The Zeitgeist Movement is a global decentralized, volunteer organization that tries to spead sustainable values; tries to educate people about what it means to live in a society that's actually sustainable, that literally can go on. At the moment we've got what people are starting to refer to as a multi-dimensional collapse. We're running out of lot of different resources at the same time. Slowly we're running out of clean water, our air is getting more polluted. Slowly we're coming to the end of the hydrocarbon era. All of that is a product of the fact that we are, at the moment unable to solve the problem unless it makes money and there is no money to be made in being sustainable. (W. Dixon, The Zeitgeist Movement) If you just look for a moment at what the word economy means it's about economizing. It's about doing things sensibly. It's about how we manage our resources At the moment we have this middle man which is money and that's the go-between that we use to manage our resources. A Resource-Based Economy is about getting rid of that that corrupt 'money-middle-man' and going directly to the resources and managing those intelligently but sustainably as well. To understand what you have, where you have it, and then to build a society that has open-access, free life goods in the sense of the best health care possible, the best kind of housing which means that the housing is free that you can live anywhere, and free, integrated transport. A human being is a human being and it needs to be looked after in the best possible way or you're going to create a very sick individual. People always say "Well, in a system where everything's free and where it's all homogenized and everything looks the same apparently people would just be lazy. People wouldn't do anything. It's actually the other way round, because the more you do a job you hate the more you're not interested in doing anything else when you get home. You just want to withdraw into yourself and do nothing, go to sleep and hate the fact that you've spent most of your day of which you have limited number in something that you have no emotional investment in that you're only doing for the money. That's the only reason you do it. It's just a form of social control. We still live in the days of empire. Hard and fast, stand by that. They just don't do that with a sword anymore. They do it with money. Either way you're being forced to work in jobs that are belittling meaningless and, in lot of cases, very dangerous for us environmentally and socially. At the moment we are in the process of trying to communicate this to as many people as possible because to enact this kind of change requires everyone to understand what's happening in this society. Most just vote for it and hope it'll get better and, of course, it doesn't. We already have the technology in place to do all this stuff. We understand how things work. They can't be put into place because they're being competed against by the society. So, you have to fight to free that to produce almost money-less projects where you just damn well build it. You showcase and demonstrate this so people can come to see a museum of the future or multiple museums of the future, city systems like The Venus Project like stuff that Buckminster Fuller talks about that's been spoken about by great many theorists. That's one of them, but there's many other things as well. The biggest move of all is really going to be global revolution. It's going to be a combined opting-out of the current system. The world does change and it will keep changing. It's just which way you want that change to go is the question. We must become the change we want to see in the world. (Gandhi) Well, you said something about "Why worry now?" I'm worrying all right. The continuing wastes of life and vitality present a serious problem. Sometimes a relatively small improvement can mean the difference between success and failure. Fires of frustration and discord are burning in every city. Ask yourself: Is this the time to change? There are things to do: learn responsibility learn to work with people... And you, your life, will be affected by it. You know this. Can we gamble when the stakes are so high? Now is the time to begin.

Video Details

Duration: 16 minutes and 11 seconds
Year: 2012
Country: United States
Language: English
Director: Glenn L Smith & Maxx De Jong
Views: 53
Posted by: ltiofficial on Jan 19, 2012

Short Documentary exploring the current state of the world and some of the social, environmental and economic changes which could be put into place to create a better quality of life globally.

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