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Hope Springs (2012)

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Happy Anniversary! (Kay) They are so beautiful! Arnold? (Arnold) Um-hum. So what did you guys get each other? (daughter) Yeah, 31. What gift is that? Silver? Ivory? (Kay) Oh, we got each other the new, uh, cable subscribtion. Oh, great. It's a lot of channels. ♪ If you're wonderin' ♪ (Kay) It feels like Arnold and I aren't going towards anything anymore. I want a real marriage again. (friend) I think for that to happen, you would have to risk everything, just to shake things up. (Dr. Feld) It's not impossible, and it's not too late. (Arnold) So you want to go to intensive couples counseling, in Maine? (Kay) The flight leaves tomorrow. I'm gonna be on it. I hope you're happy. (Dr. Feld) Kay and Arnold, I'm so glad you're here. Well that makes one of us. (Dr. Feld) You two have come here to try to restore intimacy to your marriage. This is insane. We're not 22 years old anymore. I would like to assign you your first exercise. Tonight I would like you to spend a period of time with your arms around one another. I think we better stop. (Dr. Feld) I'm going to ask you to take a leap of faith, and try something. I'm looking for sex tips for a straight woman from a gay man? (Dr. Feld) It's most likely going to be way out of your comfort zone. (Kay) I'm just not - that's not me. I just can't do that. (Arnold) You come up here, you spend one week, and you're supposed to have a new marriage? (Dr. Feld) Arnold, your wife is very unhappy, and you have to ask yourself, Have I done all I could? Trying to get the old magic back? Join the club, honey. Who in here is not having sex? ♪ [ Andy Grammer - Keep your Head Up] (Dr. Feld) It's not too late for anyone who truly wants it, and is willing to try. (Arnold) I wonder if he talks to his wife like that? Mildred, I find it very interesting that you are naked. ♪ But you gotta keep your head up, o-oh ♪ (Arnold) We've done so well, we want to be able to get out of here early. Oh. Okay, next step. What is it? Write a poem? Hold hands and talk? Sing a serenade? It's sex. (Arnold whispering) We should just get our things and go. ♪ Keep your head up, o-oh ♪ ♪ You can let your hair down, and keep your head up ♪ (Dr. Feld) Arnold, did you have fantasies? [clearing his throat] A threesome. (Dr. Feld) With? Carol. Carol with the Corgies? Hi! You got another Corgy! I know. [laughing] But three's the limit. ♪ Oh - no-no-no-no-no ♪ [Captions by]

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