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1 Breath-Orgasm to Replace Masturbation

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Now we are looking at breath orgasm so- sounds fascinating but it is actually quite an amazing thing when you are dealing with the sexual addiction you will obviously find that- you will have dreams and then your dreams you will be- you end up fucking in strange ways and having orgies - all kinds of stuff that is sexually based, and- if you look at the practicality in the physical it is like impossible you can't do the kind of stuff you can do in your dreams that's why it's called dreams so make sure that your waking dream - that means when you are aware and thinking it's not like your sleeping dream - which is like impossible in the physical because then you are- not only having an- a dream world you are also have- a possessed world now on a breath- orgasm as- when I was facing this point I would- breath the point- is building up physically within and- you are now feeling like you need an orgasm you want to masturbate and then- if you don't a knot is formed because you are not or- masturbating so- you are forming knots in your body which is quite uncomfortable in the neck in the shoulders all kinds of places you are forming knots it turns into pains great physical discomfort so I started looking at the whole point - it's really simplistically what is it really going on is that you are building up "energy" that is forming like- you know it- forms- or comes together at specific points in your body which you experience then as a physical- points that makes a physical knot, in the muscles because I mean they are- there's a lot of energy there so I then distribute the energy through out the body through breathing equally to all cells - just what would happen in a perfect orgasm where you share- the experience with your whole body all cells I just breathe every breathe distributing- the build up of this energy to the cells and fascinatingly enough in that you will end up experiencing - a breath orgasm which is extended- magnificent you can have you lie down and have a breath orgasm and- the knot won't be there because it's not that you are not doing- having an masturbating- you're now giving the physical it's required- sharing in the good things in Life - which is what we believe it to be the masturbation and the sex so- and you are doing it without- compromising- the point through utilizing various tools to stimulate the body into an orgasm it is an natural expression of the distribution of the energetics within and through that you will develop effective self-willed directive- power when it comes to desires, and- within that breathe! focus on the energy no imaging if there is imaging then- you're going to go want to go back to wanting to masturbate you got to focus on just distributing the energy equally, and in that- while you're at it- have a meeting with your body with all your cells in which you're thanking- all the cells for their co-operation and making your experience possible you- do forgiveness on the points where you haven't considered all of them equally and- you'd have like a nurturing meeting where you will just- come to an agreement in terms of your process again to- become- effectively self-willed as Life equally here and you start that with an- equal relationship that you develop within- yourself and all your cells as one as equal here because- each one of your cells in itself - is also an individual so unless you can get that- relationship sorted out you're going to be in conflict and eventually your cells will reject you as the- master consciousness of this greater entity, universe which is the physical body so, the breath orgasm is a wonderful tool in which you can "develop" effective communication with your physical body without masturbating ok now you are actually master-breathing which is a different form of masturbation quite fascinating have fun with it it takes a while but it is quite easy to get if one look at the simple mathematics of the distribution of the energy equally to all your cells 1+1=2 then we have sorted out masturbation

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