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Mary Evelyn Tucker: Science and Cosmology

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If we view the world as a machine, we become a machine. Even Trong Xu--the very early writer in China --had the sense that he didn't want to go towards technology because technology would be dehumanizing. Now alternative technologies can help us to work with nature bio-mimicry, and what John and Nancy Todd are doing--a whole range of interesting new technologies are emerging for sure. But the machine mentality that has simply said, "The universe--nature--are mechanistic processes." "We can understand them. We can get a grip on them." We can study them objectively. That's brought only us so far. And that's exactly the crossroads. Because science has given us a tremendous feeling for this complex. A natural system. A universe system. From the atom to the stars. In one century--virtually--more information has come forth than ever before in human history. And if we take that as 150,000 years, that's quite a revolution. But the question now is to take that information-- to take that data--and give it a sense of story-- --a universe story, an earth story, a human story-- that gives us a feeling for our place, our role, our space, and our responsibility for the future of that story. So that's a very different thing than saying, "This is mechanistic and we're machines as part of this." No. We're participants in a process that will always be larger than than even our imagination for our best science can fully explain. And so we rest at the gates of mystery and we reside in awe and we sense wonder. When we do that, we open our self to a whole new possibility of really understanding cosmology--the story--where we are. and what we can do for the continuity of this process for future generations of all species.

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