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Labour Law - EPF

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Appaney, nalla candidate ah kudupa. Company vera loss la poguthu Hello ya ma send the candidate in Ya sir, Sure.... Nanduja?... You can go inside. Mr Vignesh will see you. Excuse me sir. May i come in? can i have your resume please? So, Tell me about yourself I am M. Nanduja. I am from Tirunalvelli I did my Civil Engineering from Savitha Engineering college I did M.A HR OD from Madras School of Social work and... I did my internships in zealous and Toshiba. You resume looks very impressive Nanduja. Since this is a Manufacturing sector i would like to know your in depth knowledge in Labour law So can you tell me about EPF? Well EPF is Employee Provident Fund. It aims to provide a social security to workers Like retirement and pension benefits. The contribution is done by both employee and employer Okay, Alright. Do you know the eligibility and applicability of this act? Any establishment which has 20 or more employees it will be applicable even if the number reduces after that also. The permanent workers, Temporary workers and casual workers are eligible except Apprentices. The wage ceiling amount is 21, 000 Good Nanduja, One more thing what is the contribution done by the employer and the employee For employee it is 12% of basic + DA And for employer it is 3.67% to EPF 8.33% to EPS 0.5% to EDLI plus 1.1% admin charges and 0.01 EDLI admin charges Since you mentioned EPS and EDLI, can you elaborate on that? Basically EPS is Employees Pension Scheme which is like a welfare or benefit to the employee during retirement provided by the employer EDLI is Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme which is a life insurance benefit to the employees Not bad Nanduja, not many people have in depth knowledge in labour law Good that you know. MSSW right? All credits goes to my professor Mr Joseph Eric Dunston Appaney pillaiyarapa indha Labour law exam la epadiyavathu pass pannivitrupa Onnumey purile orey confusion.... Bro, PUBG velaiyaduvoma? What happened bro? I dont understand anything Like that EPF, UNA Form 11 and all First of all it is not UNA it is UAN - Universal Account Number Which is given by organization once you register used to access your EPF funds How to register and what are the documents needed bro? Documents are simple bro. It is just your pancard, Aadhar, a cancelled Cheque. For registration you must login to the EPF's official site. First time organization will do it for you and then you can access it You can carry forward the account when you change an organization Oh so this is the basic concept right? Aama bro Salt wateru sappa matteru. You can withdraw the full amount after 2 months of unemployement. You asked about form 11 right? Marantheentenga paatheengala? Form 11 is nothing but a signed declaration of your employment. These are the basic details Bro? Kuduvey daaney iruntheenga eppadi bro idellam theriyum? Foreign author refer pannengala Foreign author la eduku bro. If you pay attention in class you can ace it. Yaaru pa andha Sir? Ennakey avara paakanum pola irruku. Mr Joseph Eric Dunston

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