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Fresh Hare

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Wanted by the Mounted Police, Bugs Bunny, Dead or Alive! (Preferably Dead) Ah, at last, the long arm of the law is reaching out and closing in on you. You screwy rabbit. Wanted by the Mounted Police, Bugs Bunny, Dead or Alive! (Preferably Dead) Read the Mounted Police Gazette Wanted by the Mounted Police, Bugs Bunny, Dead or Alive! (Preferably Dead) Trapped by his own tracks. Come on out you rabbit. Come on now, you're under arrest. My keys! Where are my keys? My keys, my keys, my keys, this bomb will explode, hurry up, give me the keys ... Eh, what's up doc? Gimme the keys, quick, get me out of this predicament. Hurry up. Unlock these cuffs. Alright doc, keep your shirt on, take it easy. Gee he's an excitable type. Now let's see ... the garage ... the car ... for the front door ... the backdoor ... ah, here it is. Oh well. Ah no you don't! You're under arrest. On what charge? You got nothing on me. Oh no? Well listen to this, resisting an officer, assault and battery, trespassing, disturbing the peace, miscellaneous misdemenors, public nuissance, traffic violations, going through a boulevard stop, j-walking, triple parking, conduct unbecoming to a rabbit... Nice looking chapeau. ... violating traffic violations ... Attention! Why look at you! You call yourself a mountie. You're a disgrace to the regiment. I'm gonna drum you out of the service. Merry Christmas Santy! So you call yourself a mountie. You can't catch me. Why you couldn't even catch a cold. You know what I'm gonna do to you? I'm gonna punch right square in the nose! Last one in's a rotten egg. Come out of there or I'll fill you full of lead. Bang! Bang! Bang! Guck, gu-guck, guck, guck, guck ... No more bullets. Ah ha ha ha ha, I'm a disgrace to the regiment, ah ha ha ha.... Come on, buck up, don't cry. I'll give myself up. Here, take me in. You really mean it? It's not another trick. No, go ahead, snap 'em on. Ok doc, let's go. Ready Mr. Rabbit? Yeah, go ahead doc, I'm ready. Before you die, you can make one last wish. Yeah? Well, let's see now ... uhm ... I wish ... eh ... I wish ... eh ... I wish I was in Dixie, hurray hurray. Oh, the Camptown laddies sing this song, doo-da, doo-da. The Camptown racetrack's five miles long. Fantastic, isn't it? Fine to run all night, fine to run all day. I bet my money on a bob-tailed nag. Somebody bet on de bay.

Video Details

Duration: 7 minutes and 36 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Leon Schlesinger
Views: 1,199
Posted by: thor on Mar 16, 2007

Bugs Bunny is wanted "dead or alive" by the Mounted Police, led by Elmer Fudd. Animation by Manuel Perez, story by Michael Maltese, supervising producer I. Freeleng. Produced in 1942. From

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