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chapter 3 inverse ninety says that the people from ethiopian Egypt had a power that was boundless limitless without limit and that was written in 714 BC right around the same time that I C a team was written so what we're dealing with here are dealing with a black people from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia that we're basically presidents of the planet people who are in animals using viewed as tools to bill dreams people with clear teacher Jones this fax to reality than black this so on one hand the tree on the other hand we have the tremendous civilization that black people had created deal was a definite prices of the conscious because it will write Brothers really tensely fighting sting costly and they will cushion for the liberation of the black man condemning the trade itself and tree and slaves in America and it would warm and so you can see where the impetus and the need to formulate rationalizations for this developed what to do what are the anthropologists archaeologists 22 this information and that is what I believe sponsored and maybe consciously in some cases unconsciously in other cases and we could call the cover-up accomplishments in black Chancellor Williams construction black civilization as outlined seven points as to why he feels that there was a cover-up has refused to publish any facts industry along racial Paris when you create scientists after sleep we need to do is fuck the world new after ministries that contain a European perspectives remaining thanks replace African European name disguise their true black change the criteria for example when dropping connection skin yes but reporting ancient African history first the standard no matter how dark the skin will inherit the clips you don't have to be at the crow when by contributions to civilization is too obvious butts find a way to get to crops highlighting ancient historians contradictory theory chest activists Williams with scholar sure that his observations have a lot of mir but there are there are his personal observations talk about rewriting history just sit there in a context that we're talking about during the 1800's when this started not talking about contemporary scholars primarily dealing with such you could not go omegle situation to be in a white

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