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Rael Feliciano - São Paulo, Brazil - Life Story pt. 1 (Global Lives Project, 2006)

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Music So many emotions, thoughts, feelings, reasons .. only memories seems like yesterday that I felt this place was asleep, and woke up, crazy, wanting to stay longer. Regret of what? if everything was so good! if what was bad is gone, served as a lesson a lot of moments that we live, we've been there and notice everything will pass, nothing will stay the same way, I saw everything is different now and it's not like it was in school rum, beer, women, came as "migué", and I studied when I wanted and I did not care for anything, even the time went by 3 minutes with me, 2 of them you only gave laughter, and commintment with life and anything else, I didn't sleep I arrived at home and my mother asked me where I was, where I had been walked, I know I had a mistake, but only when I lost myself in this life I found myself and I remember this I remember the time when I want to grow up... seems it was yesterday (I was only a boy, boy), seems it was yesterday but it takes a lifetime For learning, seems It was yesterday, It seems was yesterday Very cool, man, thank you! But it is funny, when I lost myself I meet myself. It is It was this issue, losing myself, I found myself There are a lot of people that never lose themselves but also never found themselves Never meet yourself, I joke with the guys, I have some friends like that and I say - You don't know who you are And the guys go to the gym for weight training to get girls, but they are not, they didn't find themselves yet On hour is hearing, without know what to do? It is Ah, its running that, I'll be like here and there too Rael, there is something that we don't ask to you and you would like to tell? Oh, I think so... I want to tell about the society have to change the life conception In the big cities and I think in the universo, it isn't? In this world "we live" I think it will give up this, "tá ligado?" The guys invented a way to the people survive and I think to live is cool, but more than this I think that... Not that any of this is not what we are doing, but I think it's something beyond that I think the most important thing is not in the material and in the technology I think there is a spiritual side, the natural side, harmony of things And the world is taking this course, and people are becoming cold and mechanical More little robot right? That is, not having time to life and people end up working more than living

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Posted by: globallives.brazil on Feb 9, 2012

Rael Feliciano - São Paulo, Brazil - Life Story pt. 1 (Global Lives Project, 2006)

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