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Le petit Nicolas - Le porte-monnaie sous-titré en FRANÇAIS

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Le Petit Nicolas translated by DE Quick! we'll be late! Watch out! Little rascal. Sorry. Hey! Look! A wallet. Someone must have dropped it. Look! There are coins inside. What can we do with the money? How's that? It's me that found it first. Hey! Just saying but all three of us were together! Yes, it's not fair. Fine, ok we can share but later because we're late for school. There you go! Three coins each. All I need to get a good ice cream. And a packet of bangers. Hey! What you guys doing? Nothing. Is it your mum's purse? Don't be an idiot, we found it. Who you calling an idiot? Look! There's loads of coins inside. But just so you know, it's ours. My dad give me notes, so you can keep your coins. No, you can't, you must return it. Return it? You're joking? Not at all, if you keep the wallet, the owner could say you stole it. But we didn't steal it. If you find something and don't give it back that makes you a thief, my Dad says so, he's a policeman so he knows. Here Nicolas, I don't want it anymore! Yes, it's true, it's you who found it after all. Too late, you are all his accomplices now. We better put it back on the pavement. For someone else to steal? No, you must take it to the police station. Hey, you're right! Rufus, take it! give it to your dad. You are crazy! I don't want to get mixed up in this. Fine, so, you coming or what? huh? you are really sure that we need to go to the police station? Yes, because if I am late home for tea, I won't get dessert. Are you scared of going? Scared? Me? Say it to my face! Yes, actually it's you who's scared of going alone. You're joking? Me, I don't care about going. Prove it! Ok, anyway, I don't need you scaredy cats! Mum, Dad! we have to go to the police station. Why? What's happened? I found a wallet and if I don't return it, they'll say I stole it. It's fine Nicolas, you are very honest, show me that. Oh! Is that all? Well, I don't know if it's worth going for so little. You should put it in your money box. Oh no! We must take it to the police station. Ah! ok, fine! We must go right away! I think that my dad also is a little scared of going to the police station. Well done lad! Congratulation for your excellent honesty. Thank you sir, my dad told me to put the coins in my money box, but I wanted to return it. How are you going to find the owner of the wallet? First of all, we are going to wait, then, if nobody come to claim it in a year and a day, the wallet will be yours! But you not going to do an investigation? Mmmm, yes, of course! First of all, I will search for fingerprints and afterwards, I will investigate the scene of the crime. that's terrific! I hope that my dad will find the owner of the wallet this evening. I would be quite surprised, the other time he couldn't even find out who stole my snack. Obviously, it's you who ate it without remembering! You muppet! Do you have any evidence? There's your dad! Hello Dad, is that it? Have you finished your investigation? Investigation? Yes, I am in the middle of it! A little patience. If it's like my snack, we'll be waiting forever! Why did you whistle, constable? But, it wasn't me. Ah? Yes so who did then? Er! Nobody, carry on. As for you, show me the scene of the crime, we have a investigation to finish! Yeah! Watch out Alceste! There could be fingerprints where you're walking. Rufus is right, maybe you should protect the area. Sorry sir, but you can't come through, police investigation! Eh,, what are you up to? We are in the middle of an investigation! Really? Yes! we are with my dad. We are looking for the owner of a wallet. Terrific! Have you found something sir? Maybe, I have worked out the person lost their wallet her after having done their shopping over there Yes, so we should question the shopkeepers? What should we ask them? Give them a description of the wallet and perhaps you'll find clues! Yes, I'll go ask Mrs. Choquette. So children? mmmm, nothing! So and you Alceste? mmmm! But did you even ask about the wallet? Oops, I forgot Mrs. Choquette, I have a question to ask you Very well, could you please wait your turn? I have the right to be first because I am part of a police investigation with my Dad Ladies! Well Done, sir, good parenting, congratulations. Hello madam, we have found a wallet, one of you client hasn't lost one, by any chance? Ahh! oh yes, it's is possible, a lady came to ask me this morning if she had left it here I knew it, my instinct is never wrong, kids! It's is an elderly lady who is always very elegant but I don't know her name Watch out! Little rascal! Sorry miss! Not to worry, when she comes back tell her to come by the police station. But I know who it is! We even passed her house yesterday before she dropped her wallet. Ah yes, I remember, she doesn't live far, shall we go? Ok, let's go, I'm going to get the wallet. Yes! Move aside! Police! Sir! Stop ringing son! You can see nobody is in. Maybe she's deaf! Nevermind, I'll leave a note. That way she'll know we have her wallet. So is that all? Yes, just got to wait now. So you can go have fun now. But, we are having fun sir! Eh good, well continue with out me, I have work to do It's a shame, we nearly did it That's true! We can really leave now, can we? hey look at that! Now, we can continue the investigation. I'm going in the window. We can find out if she is there or not. Good idea and we can help you. Thief! Thief! Thief! Good timing, constable, I'm being burgled. By who? These little rascals, you see! No madam, they are not thieves! I can't find anyone guys! Ahh! you see constable? These little rascals have come to rob me What! Rufus, what are you doing in that house? Have you gone completely crazy? No Dad, I was just looking to see if the lady was in! Because it's your son? Well, that's the limit! Let me explain madam, it's about your wallet My wallet? So it's you who took it? You are involved, thief! thief! thief! No madam! I told you that it wouldn't take my dad long to find the owner of the wallet! Luckily we were there to help him. It's thanks to us that it worked out so well.

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Chapitre du dessin animé " Le petit Nicolas " avec de sous-titres

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