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Leanne Wood, ymgyrch S4C

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Hi. Can you hear me now? OK It is a great pleasure talking to you here today in support of the campaign to save S4C. There is a great threat to the future of the Channel at the moment and we must make a stand. But I want to be clear. I am not defneding the Channel as it is at the moment. We need a new Welsh language channel, a channel that can move with the times, that does more online, more to attract learners, with more modern content. I have a little girl. She attends [a Welsh language school], in Gelli, in the Rhondda Valley. She is six years old. Our family does not speak Welsh, unfortunately. Although I speak, read and play with her in Welsh sometimes it is not enough. Cyw on S4C is wonderful for a family like us. The programs provide an opportunity for my daughter to listen to Welsh outside school. It is a very important service for non-Welsh speaking families. I have chosen not to pay for a TV license, as a protest against the threat to S4C. It's a small contribution to the campaign. People in the national movement can do different things to help the campaign, from direct action like Jamie and Heledd, to taking the argument to Government. I'd like to quote the late Dr Phil Williams. He said: Let us all remember that we are fighting a battle on many fronts. The Welsh economy, the Welsh language, and Welsh community life are all under attack. We all think our own part of the front is the most important, and naturally we all want reinforcements. But if only part of the front collapses, we will all suffer. So for Wales' sake, let no-one waste energy attacking methods or motives... ... of other nationalists working just as hard in the national movement. It's all too easy to fight each other. Individually we all have weaknesses. Let us face the real enemy. The pink and blue Tories of London. The cheque book conquerors. Only united we can fight our enemies and win. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the campaign. As Phil Williams said, we must work together in order to succeed. Thank you Jamie and Heledd for their stand. Let the campaign continue. Thank you.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 46 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
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Posted by: bleep on Jul 7, 2011

Leanne Wood, Assembly Member, making a speech in support of activists campaigning for Welsh language television.

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