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Real Life Health Coaching Session, 1 of 6

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[narrator] In this audio clip, listen as Coach Daniel demonstrates active listening with his client. Notice how he hears the client's concerns, summarizes, and mirrors back what the client has said and supports her self-expression. [Coach Daniel] How's your last two weeks been? What's new and good? [client] What's new and good? Well, I've been trying to take more deep breaths before eating—before meals. I—I can't say that I've been taking deep breaths before I eat. Because if I eat like a carrot stick, I'm not taking a deep breath before that. [laughs] But usually before like a meal, I've been trying to eat—really sit down and stare at my food, smell it, eat slowly—so therefore, I've been trying to not allow myself to be starving before I'm eating so the only thing I can concentrate on is eating. [Coach Daniel] Un-hunh. [client] So that's been good. I mean—I don't—I don't know. I think I have a false perception or idea about meditation. When I take deep breaths, I feel like— I know you mention it's always, you know a connection. It's not perfection. But I tend to think that when I'm taking a deep breath or when I'm meditating, my mind is supposed to be completely blank. It's not. [Coach Daniel] No, it's not. [laughs] [client] It's not at all. In fact—it's so far from that—even when I'm taking—as you've mentioned, to try to take ten deep breaths before you get out of bed. It's like as soon as I wake up, I even remember to do that. It's like whooo! My mind is spinning around and I'm trying to take a deep breath, and I'm saying, "Oh my God that you're not relaxed. Oh my God, that wasn't a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale." It has to be equal. It's like, "Okay, let me start at all over again." So—but—I think that the idea of just stopping myself and doing it is good, and it's a good practice for me. [Coach Daniel] Un-hunh. [client] But so oftentimes, I'm like so not relaxed. And I remember doing it with you last time on Skype. [laughs] I called. I called at your job. I'm like, "Oh, I'm not relaxed." [laughs] I think I thought that—[laughs] Would it taste better? [laughs] And it's not that it tastes worse. It's just—I think I tend to think that the little changes I've made are going to have these really big drastic effects, and that's not really the case. I mean, I think maybe that some things they do. But I think that again that's going back to my— sort of my patterns. I always think doing one thing is going to fix everything—is going to change everything, and oftentimes, that's not—that's not the case. [Coach Daniel] Uh-hunh. [client] That's gratification, like, "Okay, if I just do this. If I just miss one meal, I'll lose five pounds. I'll feel so much better," and might lose just water weight, or it might feel a little bit better if I was bloated before, but it's not going to fix everything, and I just have to keep reminding myself that it's like constant little things that I do, not one big change once and then everything's fixed. [Coach Daniel] Un-hunh. [client] I'm a work in progress. [Coach Daniel] We're all a work in progress. [client] I know. [laughs] [narrator] Notice how Coach Daniel's replies are only paraphrasing and reiterating what the client has said to demonstrate his understanding and listening. Here, Coach Daniel elaborates a little more to create awareness around the topic of change. [Coach Daniel] When you say that using of little changes having drastic effects, the truth is that little changes do have drastic effects. But it's—it is about realizing that the little things accumulate, and it's not a night and day change. Usually the big night and day changes are not the changes are not the changes that last. Because then we don't change. Something externally may change, but we really haven't learned to fit ourselves into a new mold. So if you're working it slow and steady, that's what's going to make a difference, and it's not so much about tomorrow, it's more about—you know, it's even like who you're going to be a year from now is who you are right now. And who you are right now is who you were a year ago. It's like, you know, it's slow and steady stuff that's really about what you're becoming as opposed to anything else. [client] Right. And I think I'm okay with that. I think it's like, you know, hard times right now and we look for a quick fix. You know, your back hurts, you go to a chiropractor, and you know obviously chiropractors—they do well and they have their purpose, but it's like instead of stretching and working on things, people just want things fast, and that's how I want things, and I think that's in my mind how things are supposed to work. So I think like, okay, eight years of yoga. I should be here. Eight years is a long time and I don't—sometimes I look at it I think. Has anything really changed about me? But—I know—so, I guess that's what I've been thinking about since we last talked. I tend to look at someone or read about something and think if it's going to work for somebody then maybe it's going to work for me. [Coach Daniel] Un-hunh. Regardless if the person has the same background as me or the same bodily composition, which obviously we are all individuals. We are not all going to be exactly the same. I think okay, maybe it's something that I should do. I want to try everything. Because if I try everything, everything's gonna work and all the sudden, I'll be completely fit, and I'll be "perfect," but I know that's not going to happen. So I haven't bought any As Seen on TV things. [laughs] I try not to listen or read about those things anymore—but [Coach Daniel] It's good to do a media cleanse sometimes from those things. [client] Yes, definitely. [narrator] Did you notice how Coach Daniel's statements allowed the client to reflect further and gain clarity? How can you use active listening and creating awareness in sessions with your clients?

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