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The Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

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And so it begins. (narrator) Welcome to the fantastic world of Mr. Fox. Woo! Shall we dance? [several animals laughing] (Mr. Fox) Pure wild animal craziness. (Mrs. Fox) If what I think is happening, is happening, it better not be. [cackles] (Badger) This is Boggice, Bunce, and Bean Three of the meanest, nastiest ugliest farmers in this valley. [rumbling] (Mr. Fox) What was that? (Weasel) Their digging us up. (narrator) But they are about to discover... (Mrs. Fox) Oh, Foxy, is help on the way? (narrator) ...he's one fox... I've got an idea. (Rat) Woo-hoo! (narrator) can't outfox. (Mr. Fox) Mole - what'ya got? (Mole) I can see in the dark. (Mr. Fox) We can use that. Rabbit? (Rabbit) I'm fast. (Mr. Fox) Badger? (Badger) Demolitions expert. (Mr. Fox) What? Since when? [explosion] Here, put these bandit hats on. I don't have a bandit hat, but I modified this tube sock. You look good. Yeah, I do. [radio sqwak] [Music: Spyhunter (Peter Gunn) Theme] (Mr. Fox) Their only security is an old hunting beagle. Lace some blueberries with sleeping powder. Beagles love blueberries. A titanium card? [whistles and clicks] What's this thing you do, the whistle with the clicky sound? That's my trademark. Him especially. But there's something kind of fantastic about that, isn't there? I can fight my own fight. Ack-a-lak-a-ya-ya-ki - ya! No you can't. (Badger) I guess we should start doing something. Right? Let's see some hustle. Yeah, woo! (narrator) This fall, (narrator) forget super... That was close, Rat - be careful. Oh, I'm as careful as a.... wooaaaaaa (narrator) ...ignore incredible... I can fit through there - you know why? Why? Because I'm little. (narrator)'s all about - fantastic. You really are fantastic. I try. [whistles-clicks] What's this lightning bolt? This fence might be electric. Well, I just hope it doesn't mean thunder, 'cause I have a phobia with that. [electrical noises] Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah [Captions by]

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