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Watch - Citizen Kane

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What hasn't been said about the investigation of publishing magnet, William Rand- Charles Foster Kane. Even the very question has been asked ad nauseum. This is one of cinema's most cherished works and a magnum opus for Orson Welles. Watch: "Citizen Kane." "Citizen Kane" is a testament to risk taking. Consider what came before it, and you'll begin to see the legacy it left afterwards. Cinema mimicked stage. Safe, chronological storytelling. Orson Welles had been there and done that with the Mercury Theater with "War of the Worlds." "Citizen Kane's" disjointed jigsaw puzzle of a story helped push cinema out of infancy, and away from it's dependency on sequence. Before Kane, sound in film followed the visuals. New scene- new sounds. Welles had already revolutionized radio, so why not shake things up for pictures? Orson Welles, the filmmaker, used creative license to overlap audio with scene transitions keeping us immersed in his world. Innovations in story and sound aside, it wouldn't be a seminal work if it didn't expand the visuals of cinema. On stage, there was only one angle. Film at the time gave us a couple more. Citizen Kane gave us even more and then some: chiaroscuro lighting to create a heightened level of depth; new angeles to force perspective; deep focus to drive composition as a vehicle to push the story. Today, we take these leaps in technical ingenuity for granted, and considering what we makers now have at our disposal it may seem rightfully so. But going out on a limb and finding a way to expand an art form can never be ignored. Citizen Kane shows every maker that the rewards for creating with a sense of reckless abandon are great and timeless.

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Watch - Citizen Kane

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