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Leave them to me! Leave them to me! -Calm down, Obelix, let the chief have a word. -Ave, village chief. -Hey, Julius. -What are you doing here? -I have come to make a suggestion. Your defiance of me is bad for my reputation. In Rome, they're starting to make fun of me. They are saying a bunch of half wits can hold the Roman army at bay. -Really, watch your language, you, or else- -But some people say you must be Gods. Gods? Us, Gods? -Yes, Gods, and if that it so, I will admit defeat. But if you are only men, then you will have to give in into my power... ...and accept our laws! -And how are me and my friends supposed to prove [laugh] that we are really Gods? -I wonder if you have heard of Hercules? -Hercules the grocer? -No! No! Hercules the God. He performed twelve tasks after which the Gods admitted he was one of them... and allowed him into Olympia. -Twelve tasks? What were they? -He slayed the Nemean Lion, -slayed the Lernaean Hydra, captured the Erymanthian Boar, captured the Golden Hind of Artemis, shot the Stymphalian Birds with his bow, tamed the Cretan Bull, killed Diomedes, conquered the Amazons, cleaned the Augean stables, killed Geryon, stole the apples of the Hesperides and brought Theseus back from the underworld. -And you want us to do al these daft things to prove that we're Gods? -No, not exactly, that's all a bit out of date now. I set up a brand new set of tasks for you. Only Gods coulds hope to perform all of them. If you succeed, I will bow deeply before you. But if you fail in even one, you will have to give in! -Deal? -You bet your life it's a deal! -Good. The tasks will take you to Rome. Caius Pocus! Caius Pocus will act as your guide along the way and will see that the tasks are fairly performed. He's a most trustworthy man and very honest. So, if you should succeed, Rome will surrender. But if you fail in a single task, you will all become slaves of Rome! -Okay, we'll have it done. -Ave. -Yeah! -Oh, poor things. You really think Ceasar would surrender? And let you become masters of Rome? -Come to think of it, perhaps we got a bit carried away. -Oh, your magic potion will help us out, Druid. -Sure, we'll have lots of fun, by Tutatis! -... Won't we? -Right. Asterix, you are the cleverest man among us, and Obelix, the strongest. You two are the only ones who can succeed. -May Tutatis hear you. Asterix, here is a gourd full of magic potion. Mind you use it well, you're going to need it. Oh, yes, you're going to need it. -Well, then, are we on? -We're off! It's funny, I wonder why Cacofonix hasn't shown up to sing us a farewell song... -Hi, now, for the first task, follow me, if you please. This is Asbestos, just back from Marathon. He was champion of the Olympic Games. He can run faster than a horse, faster than the wind that howls through the trees. One of you will have to beat him in a race. -Do it, Asterix, you're faster than me. Faster than a horse wind howling through the trees. -All right. We'll be waiting for you on the other side of the forest, at the finish line. Start when all the sand has run out of this hourglass. -Well fancy that, you are a real Olympic champion. That's interesting. We have athletics in the village, too. But obviously, since we all take magic potion, it is not very exciting. Are you listening to me? Right. I was saying it's not very interesting because we all get there at once... ... And we have ot draw lots for the winner. I, however, don't need any magic potion to run very fast. I''ve always been good in races. I say, you are not very chatty, are you! Hey! Wait for me! Hmm, I think I'd better take a little sip of potion. After all, the village's future is at stake. Hey there, not a bad start, you almost took me by surprise. I got a little held up in the forest. I stopped to pick mushrooms. See? I like to pick flowers, too. Look, aren't they pretty? If you like apples, I know a spot over there with good apple trees. -AAAAAARRGH! -Funny, the race improved his profile. -That seems to be the first of your tasks performed quite successfully. So now for the next one. Verses, the Persian. The most amazing javelin thrower the world has ever seen. His javelin has crossed seas and oceans. Your second task is to throw a javelin further than Verses. -War! This means war! -Let me, Asterix, let me do it this time. -Fine, but throw it far, as far as you can. -You just watch. [war cries] -Second task performed. Now for the next one. You are going to play Cilindric the German. No wrestler or gladiator has ever beaten him. Cilindric the German will come in that way, you shall wait for him here. Have you seen the size of those gates? He must be huge, Cilindric the German! -Ah, the bigger, the better! That's him? Cilindric the German? -Why, he's not big at all... I like them big! Hey, Asterix, suppose we give him some magic potion? -Good day, which of you two gentlemen goes first? Or both of you at once maybe, ja? -I'll go first and finish him off right away, then we can go on to the next task. -All right, but watch out, there must be a catch. He's got some funny clothes on. -Bah, the cowl does not make the druid! -Ach! The fat gentleman first, ja? -I am not fat! -Yes, sehr gut, the fat one first.

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Duration: 9 minutes and 54 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Genre: Animated
Producer: Georges Dargaud, René Goscinny, and Albert Uderzo
Director: René Goscinny, Henri Gruel, Albert Uderzo, and Pierre Watrin
Views: 377
Posted by: aeh5573 on May 1, 2010

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix- Part 2 This is the second part of twelve tasks that Julius Caesar assigns to Asterix. If Asterix manages to accomplish all twelve of these tasks, Julius Caesar will hand the Roman empire over to Gaul, if not they must surrender.

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