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A Video Message from Dr. Rie Kaneoka

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Please tell us your name and your position. Please tell a little bit about Chiba Prefecture. Chiba is the first place that visitors to Japan from overseas set foot in. It is close to Tokyo and to the Narita Airport. The University, being in Chiba Prefecture, is also very conveniently located. What kind of school is Chiba University? Chiba U. is a national university that has a comprehensive curriculum like UC. It consists of 10 colleges, and its students come from not just Chiba, but from all over the country. The majority of them are from Northeast Japan. There are about 10,000 students, and there are three campuses: in West Chiba, Inohana, and Matsudo. Please tell us about your research topic. My research area is classical Japanese literature of the Nara Period (8th century). In particular, I investigate _Fudoki,_ ancient local gazettes. These documents are records of origins of place names, folklore, local produces, etc. I study the tales contained in these documents. I investigate why and how this ancient literature has survived to this day, and analyze its meanings. This is your first time to visit Cincinnati. What are your impressions of the city and the University? I noticed three similarities between the University of Cincinnati and Chiba University. First, both places are neither huge cities nor country. Therefore, Cincinnati is neither too cut-throat nor too rural. People and students seem to live comfortably. This reminds me of Chiba. Second, there is a lot of greenery on campus. Chiba U. is only one hour from Tokyo by train, but its campus is also surrounded by trees. It is not as large as UC, but I see a similarity. And finally, students at UC and CU are both hard working! They both strike me as good-natured and pleasant. People outside campus also seem to be calm and kind. Now that UC and CU have a partnership, more and more UC students will be stuying at CU. What would you like to say to prospective study abroad students from UC? As I said earlier, UC and CU have a lot in common. So I think UC students would find it quite easy to fit in once they come to CU. At the same time, they would be in a completely different cultural environment at CU. I hope they would enjoy those cultural differences and have the time of their lives while studying at CU. Look at this: UC/CU. I hope that these two universities, which have a lot in common just like two sister cities, will build a strong partnership through student exchange. Thank you very much, Prof. Kaneoka. Finally, would you please say a few words in classical Japanese? "Ito okashiki koto nari. Saraba iza yukan." What does that mean in contemporary Japanese? I had an extremely interesting, fun experience here. Thank you and good bye.

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A Video Message from Dr. Rie Kaneoka

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