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Mobile English

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Hello, everyone. This is Karina Thorne. And this is Mobile English. OK, girls and boys I know what you're thinking. How are we going to combine English speaking practice? With your favourite object? And show you how you can improve your speaking skills.. yourself! Well I have come up with an idea And here it is! Mobile English activities! So how does it work? Well first, I will introduce you to a CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT For example: girls are the best! Which is true! Or...I love my mobile phone! can buy happiness! Then you're going to RECORD YOUR OPINION on your phone Speak for ONE MINUTE. Next, we will talk about your SPEAKING FLUENCY For example, how many words did you say in 1 minute? How many times did you say ummm...errrr? And how many times did you say things like, so...? Like? Then your partner will give you some detailed feedback Using the feedback rubric You will have your name, the topic, the number of words... ...the number of umms and errs... ...and the number of interjections... After that you will have a chance to PRACTICE AGAIN! Trying to focus on the 3 speaking sub-skills And finally your partner will give you more feedback This time there should be some significant improvement. So this is how you can practice and improve your English speaking skills... ...with a friend... ...or on your own. This Mobile English activity is... ...FUN...FAST...has lots of FEEDBACK... ...and you use your favourite object...your mobile phone... This is Karina Thorne And this is Mobile English

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Posted by: karinapearl on Feb 23, 2016

Here is an activity that combines spoken English practice, with a rubric to grade fluency and a mobile phone.

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