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HOM 19 - The SECRETS Of the LANGUAGE of LIFE Design as SOUND

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 19 - Marduk designs Language (Jack) This is Jack I was where Marduk, was part of the programming, of the systems So Marduk programed, the systems inside the physical form, using 'codes' using, language it's interesting What are what is the different languages consist of? it consists of, 'different, sound signatures', that come through as the pronunciation of a different 'language' Now each 'language', has a specific sound 'signature', movement! Now, understand that 'sound' in 'that expression' is not sound It is 'also' a creation of 'these systems', that have been placed In by the Sirans (wave) Sound as 'Life', is not 'sound' per-se, as you 'hear' me speaking to you now It is a 'constant', the sound is actually 'silent', it's interesting So in terms of the sound, sound 'frequency sound' vibration, sound, symbols etc It is of, consciousness, system's. I'll leave consciousness for a moment I will, come back to the definition of consciousness first lets, focus on only the word 'systems' So these systems required to be 'programmed', Now the system is 'dead'. ok? they are designed - 'dead' inside the physical human form what makes it 'alive', or, what 'power' these systems, are the or were the Atlanteans! and How, were these systems programmed? why were these systems programmed? Firstly they were programmed to, do specific tasks which is 'first the initial' necessity for man on earth, was 'to dig out gold' So how were they programmed, they were programmed to basically, 'move their arms' the brain, system was programmed, for the rest of the physical body, the organs etc to move automatically the breathing of course, automatic, everything was automated 'systematically' Please remember, it was automated systematically, in terms of 'their tasks', which was to dig out gold, that was 'programmed in', to each one Now there was dif- different methods of programming which was done through little, 'implants', already written with specific, 'programming' on them this programming was 'mainly' done by Marduk he also used symbols such as- mathematical equations but, I'm Saying it's mathematical equations so that you may understand it was, it was 'used through equations' in terms of the mathematics, that is, currently studied in this world - it is primitive It is 'nothing', compare to what 'mathematics', Actually! consists of! and how everything was designed, Imagine! the equation, of this entire 'plan' from the 'beginning', was mathematically 'equated, precisely', each one involved How the systems would 'evolve' was 'equated mathematically', specific Imagine 'incorportaing', this entire planet each developed human being, nature and the animals - all! So 'evolution' is based on a, mathematical equation that has a beginning and an end and, so wh- what else am able to, so that was Marduk's, perspective he equated everything mathematically So we have the systems, inside the human physical body that was designed by the Sirians the programing thereof, was through Marduk, the Atlanteans that inhabited the 'systems' be careful, not the physical body 'actually' anymore, it was now 'changed' this- the physical form, was now designed, to inhabit 'systems' where through the Atlanteans, would then 'power' these systems that's All they require the Atlanteans for, is to just power the systems because the 'systems' have become the manifestation, of Anu, and the Sirians and the system required to evolve required to manifest and prepare, Anu and the Sirian's kingdom the Serpents, also was included but they was an 'outflow', on the Serpents because the Serpents, did not accept, only being but a 'form' this is required to manifest, to 'nurture' the apparent 'gods' which had become now the human physical form - the systems and the Atlanteans that were to, be placed 'within' and, Anu, for a moment he was able to, just 'back the Serpents off' by saying to them: I Have a Plan for you. and it is Far Greater! than what I, and the Sirians are manifesting But that will come soon Ok So I'll continue, in my next interview where I'll be describing How, the Atlanteans were eventually placed into the physical form vessel. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 19 - The SECRETS Of the LANGUAGE of LIFE Design as SOUND

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