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Introducing Google Student Ambassador program

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Music ♪ My name is Mohamed Abdelghany, I am 21 years old. I go to Alexandria University, in Alexandria, Egypt I like drawing, I feel like... having no limits to my imagination, pushing up my creativity! organizing Events has always been exciting to me, My friends and I, have came up with some creative ideas. One successful Event was creating a weekly study group, given by volunteers. it took us a lot of coordination, from time & place to who's gonna attend, and who's gonna volunteer. but, Online applications like Google Drive have made all this organizing much easier. we have used Google Forms to see which subjects do Students really want to have sharing documents, notes & presentations have made everything syncronized. Previously, I thought Google was only a search engine, I realised that it is much bigger than that! I first heard about GSA through one of my friends, this program has really inspired me few students in my campus know that usnig Google Products could help them communicate faster, share whatever they like, with whoever they want, I believe, Google has left full control to users. The idea of Gathering Students from different countries & different cultures giving them whatever tools they need, and developing their skills to represent Google in their Universities Is the most exciting thing. I've ever heard in my life. Programs like GSA will inspire millions of students each year. pushing their skills to the limits, showing their inner powers. I believe Being a GSA is quite fun and, I am Really proud to be one!

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Posted by: abdelghany on Aug 12, 2012

My very first steps into Google's world...

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