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Reptilian Babies were PART of THE REPTILIAN Plan for earth

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Reptilian Babies - Jack (ahem) Hi all, this is Jack Speaking..and, i am Here to Communicate about - the Reptilian Babies being Born, (um) just to Give some Perspective of the Reason..(um) Why they Exist... Now, it has been Explained in the History of Mankind Video Interviews..that.. Anu's Entire..Plan (um)..for this Reality, and for the Design and manifestation of human beings: the mind..the World, the Experience of human beings - Everything, was from the very Beginning, Billions of Years ago: to Create and manifest.. his "Kingdom" on Earth..for him to Return, to in One Moment, Take Over - and Rule..(um) to Become the God of: both Heaven and Earth so, he had doing Processes to become God of heaven, his Last..Placement would be.. to become the God of Earth - of human beings as his Creations..(um) which Unfortunately, All Collapsed in One Moment, when - the Portal Opened so, Anu is Still..very much, in his Individual Process..because he had been Patient for - Billions of Years..Planning..his Creation - as humanity, and as this World: to Return..and.. in One Moment, his..Plan, Patience..Everything - Fell Apart. Now the Design, and the Reason.. and the manifestation for the Reptilian Babies, was Also..Part of (um) Anu's Return, (um).. they were..Suppose to be Born, in Terms of Standing as his Guards, his Elite.. in Terms of: Controlling, Directing and Influencing human beings (um), to - for those who Don't.."Comply" to Anu's Standing Statement as: God of the World.. to just kill them - Instantly..and Instantaneously ..and Immediately..(um) so, what would Have Happen is that: as Anu would have Integrated Here in this World, he would have Activated the Reptilian Babies, and Activating the Reptilian Babies.. well, he would have Actually Activated Everything in One - in and of this World but, he Designed the Reptilian Babies to be Incarnated into this World, for in case, as he Integrates and Activates: All of Humanity to Become - his Slaves, as he becomes the God of Earth, that if there were a Glitch or Problem in Any human beings.. and they Wouldn't Immediately Comply, and Bow Down to his Rule, and in Terms of: Stating that: "Anu is my god" (um)..they would have Immediately (um).. Sorted Out, the human beings Effectively - in Terms of killing them..(um).. so just Tools to a State, in terms of..(um) this is Also..where the..* Apparent, a Person of - Larael..comes in as well. Larael was.. Anu's..Right Hand Angel..manifestation (um)..Larael was the First mind system, Interdimensional mind system: Angel Creation of Anu, (um).. All the other Angels was..Created from Larael, Terms of Anu being..god on Earth, Upon his Return, Larael would have then..become Anu's "Right Hand Angel" - in Power Charge of the Entire Dimensional Existence - so this Was the Plan. (um)..Unfortunately, for Anu..and Company (um)..this is No Longer how it is or will be.. the Reptilian Babies that are Being Born, (akr)..will be Born for a Moment.. and Remain Here for a moment, and they are Removing themselves - as Soon as Possible (um)'s No Longer Required Immediate for them to be (Here), it's Actually Beings that are Stuck Entire..Interdimensional Specialized - mind consciousness system, which Give them: the Look, and Formation and etc., of the Reptilian manifestation. but Anu isn't Here, to Support them to Actually Able to Exist Here so.. they'll Die very Quickly (um)..and Remove themselves Effectively so the Reptilian Babies, human beings, is but an Example of how we have all: for Eons of time, Allowed..and Accepted Enslavement, and Control..and.. as i've Said, Anu was Supposed to Incarnate Here..and Activate these Reptilian Babies and Activate human beings' mind consciousness systems..Specific - pattern and way of Existence, (um)..and, thus the Reptilian Babies.. are Not Able to Sustain Themselves in this World, because.. Anu's Signature is Non-existent (akr) they're Removing themselves, and.. Yes, That's IT! Thank you very much. This is Jack - Giving Perspective..on the Reptilian Babies Please Join us for Discussions: For Interview Updates: Join, Beyond the grave, More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN:

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jul 2, 2009

True purpose for Reptilian babies play in ex-Reptilian god anu's Plan - for Dominate Earth

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