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So where are you from? I'm from Colaba. And how much water do you use on a daily basis? I don't know like..lots of water How often do you have a bath in a day? Like..two, two to three times.. Okay, uhh, but do you face any water problems? Sometimes... Like, ya I know it's a serious issue in the suburbs..but nowadays, even towns are having water shortages sometimes.. Like if there is uhh.. uhh..if there is some major issue with the water supply, we sometimes face shortage of water. much water do you need in a day? In one day... 400 litres are needed. And..then, is there ever a shortage? Shortage of water takes place.. If it does not rain, there WILL be shortage of water. How many times a day do you get water? Just once? Yes, once. For how long? If there is enough water, it comes for.. least 2 hours. IF there's shortage of water, we get it only for 15-20 minutes. But, is the water clean? Yes, yes. BMC water is always clean. There is shortage of water, because.. when we are not at home, there's shortage of water. Isn't it? In 24 hours, if we'll be busy with our work, and we won't go to worship God, there will be shortage of rains..All Gods are unhappy with us..they aren't happy. Although science is being applied, there is shortage of rains. Isn't it? That means there are so many sciences, but why is there still a shortage? we are not worshiping God properly.. Few years back, people used to worship the God of clouds. Isn't it? That means, we are available really less at home We're too busy with work, so it's raining inadequately. So, where do you come from? Uh..Mira Road Mumbai. And, do you face any problems with water? Yes, lots! Okay, can you tell us some of them? Okay, so, in my complex, we get water just for half an hour. Or sometimes fifteen minutes.. And, sometimes its like.. for one or two days, we have water shortage.. so, we have to fill water like, beforehand..for the coming days. basically.. So do you think that is like.. Is there any reason behind that? Basically, no rains, so no..uh water storage..and because of that, like First of all, The Municipality comes and.. cuts off water for like.. the Thane District itself, and then it's goes to Mumbai. So I live in Thane District, so it's a bit hard for us.. And, ya..that's it. So, uh, how do the people deal with this situation? Umm, buy more buckets like seriously. Have y'all ever made a complain or anything?, we have tried everything but it doesn't work. The thing is, like.. there are many old buildings in..Mira Road, where I stay.. But the pipelines are really old, so they still get water for like.. one hour or one and a half hour..But, the new constructions..they don't get water supply that much, and then like..the same thing happens with us also.. Like we get water for fifteen minutes, or twenty minutes, or sometimes we don't get water at all.. because of the structure of the pipelines.. And, so Like, there is still nothing we can do actually about it.. .like, complaints, and all that..nothing works. Its just something we need to deal with it. So what do they say when you complaint? What is their reply? They reply like.. there is no water. Even we don't get water.. where will we give it to you from and..stuff like that..

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