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When the Zohar and the Ari promise us that if for seven days you refrain from Chametz, they do not mean simply. That if for seven days you do not eat of the leven bread you are protected you guaranteed, as the Ari says, you will not fall or as Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai, Moshe Rabbeinu say in the Zohar that your body will become elevated to a state of a holiness and your soul to a state of holy of holies not because for seven days you did not eat the leven bread! If, and only if, and this is a difficult task for the next seven days, we do nothing of the desire to receive for the self alone. We protect ourselves, even an inkling of worlds, of actions, of the desire to receive for the self alone. Do any of us now think that we gonna get the promise of the Ari, or Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai? Can any of us think even that, for seven days, we'll not partake of the force of darkness that is the desire to receive for the self alone? It is very difficult, is difficult for every single one of us. But at least now we understand what's available! Look, you can be elevated and spiritual other times of the year you get light! But not you can get for the next seven days. This is a true promise. And by the way, it's not as if, if you fall during this next seven days you get nothing, it's a scale if you're a 100% protecting yourself from the desire to receive for the self alone, for selfishness for the next seven days, then, you'll have a 100% elevation and protection if you protect yourself 90%, you'll 90% of protection, better than 80, or 70, or 60, or 40 or nothing but that's what's available, this is the promise of the kabalists, of the Ari, of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai, of Moses this is the work of the next seven days, Yes, we don't eat leven bread, but that's not the focus! How silly is it, if all these years we've been focusing in that physical ? Not the spiritual? The promises is the spiritual, what are we here for! We're not, because we're so scared of the leven bread! We're here because we are scared of death, we're scared of pain, we're scared of suffering, that's we want to detach ourselves from and yes, it is true we want to detach also from the physical manifestation which happens to be in the leven bread, but that's not the focus! The focus is the spiritual force! That is the desire to receive for the self alone, the force of darkness, and pain and suffering and death And that's, what we need to separate ourselves from the next seven days

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