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20151210 App Module - Offline

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When you are not ready to go pick up your rider, you should make sure you are offline. When you go online, before you're in your car and ready to drive, it means your rider has to wait longer for you to pick them up, and that may be causing you to get lower ratings. What if you get a trip request while you're still brushing your teeth? If Uber told the rider it would take you four minutes to pick them up, but if takes you ten minutes because you weren't ready to drive, well, the rider can only rate you after the trip is over; they may be giving you a bad rating for making them wait so long. Clicking the Home button will always bring you back to this home screen, regardless whether you are online or offline. If you are on the trip, this option will not be available. The Earnings button will bring up a screen with your recent earnings; you can see this week or scroll back to a previous week. You can click the Total Payout button to see how that week was broken down between total fares, Uber's fees and tolls, if there were any. The Main Earnings page also gives you access to your trip history which we talked about during Need Help. The Ratings botton will show you your current star rating. The star rating is based upon the ratings that riders have given you, and that rating is an average of all the ratings you received up to 500 trips. So, let's say you've done 600 trips; it's only the most recent 500 that count. What if you're new? It would be the ratings of what you've received thus far. On the ratings screen, you can also see the feedback from riders, so you can improve and what the top partners in your area are rated. Finally, there's the account screen. This screen gives you access to Help articles, which includes some important information. For example, if you select 'I want to speak to someone in person,' it will tell you the hours and location of the partner center, if one is available in your area. Device is another important option especially for deaf and hard of hearing partners who can access the option to make their Uber experience more suited to their needs. How to use Uber talks about ratings, fares and the code of conduct, among other things. There are other options available under Account as well and I strongly recommend investing the time to read it all. The app updates regularly, and most of the updates are minor changes but some updates make major changes in how we interact as a partner app and with our riders. So, it's important to pay attention to the app and be adaptable.

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20151210 App Module - Offline

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