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Schoolchildren break reading record

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Bit by bit they arrive, 1,438 schoolchildren piling in to Charter Hall in Essex for a Guinness world record attempt. The task, to take part in the largest reading lesson ever held. The event also marked the 25th anniversary of popular children's classic "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", and its author, Michael Rosen, was there to lead the kids in a group reading of his book, actions and all. Today we broke the world record for the most number of children in a reading lesson, so, it was a reading lesson, because we read "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", and then we worked some moves for "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", and then we put it all together, and we did an enormous show, all these children, nearly fifteen hundred children, and we did "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" having read it, and learnt some actions, and we put it all together, and we won a certificate! I feel like Usain Bolt! It's wonderful! What was very nice in particular was to see that every single child was doing it. Sometimes what happens when you do this sort of thing and you see that some children, are, maybe, they're a bit distracted, or they don't want to do it, It was lovely to see, and also to see all the teachers and teaching assistants joining in, it was a very "together" moment to see that, and hats off to the teachers for working so beautifully with the children. Those who took part beat the previous reading record, made by 1390 schoolchildren in Qatar, and the kids were understandably chuffed to have a world record under their belts. And we're on TV, and the internet, and ... we... enjoyed ourselves, and...we broke the world record. My favourite bit was... when we got the award of the world record. was good, and it was exciting. The attempt was also livestreamed to schools across the UK, and every child involved donated £1 to the Royal National Institute of Blind People, to help open up the world of reading to blind and partially-sighted children. A world-record set and money raised for a good cause, all in a day's work for these young, brave, bear-hunters.

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Posted by: natalialzam on Jul 16, 2014

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