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The importance of having a teacher

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The importance of having a Kabbalah teacher Hi, I'm Tziporah, I'm from the Netherlands and I'm studying Kabbalah now for... I think 6 and a half years. Probably... My name is Yossef, also from the Netherlands, and we live together. Ten years I'm studying Kabbalah. Hi, my name is Natali-Batsheva, I'm from Croatia and I'm studying Kabbalah already for 8 years. Well, I started studying directly actually with a teacher from the London Centre and it helped me a lot, because in the beginning you see so much negativity about yourself that's going to be revealed and you think "wow, what's happening?" and they can actually show you the way where to go to, the direction. You do all the work yourself it's sometimes even hard work, but it's also fun and you learn to know yourself much better. A personal teacher is really pushing you until your limits. It's really helping you to discover your potential, what you really can be in your spiritual growth. He can see the bigger picture, he can see the cause and effect that you don't see at the moment, and he's really giving you guidance how to get there, he's giving you homework, he's giving you consciousness of the things that you need to do, and... It's impossible without a teacher. Impossible... It was very funny, because I thought that talking to a teacher is not that important, but when I talked to him he showed me points about myself and I was like: "Oh my God, am I like this? I have to change it, I never saw it before". Actually the teacher is taking out of you your potential, he can see what you can become he helps you to see the bigger picture of things, to understand the root level of the things you're going through. To have someone who knows everything about you all the stories, all the BS and all the positive stuff makes it a very special bond, because they always want the best for you and you can always text them, app them or whatever and they are always ready to help you. So... It's a very special bond. He's giving you not just the tools and the knowledge, he's giving you energy, love, he's channeling for you the important messages that you need to hear. Helping you so much to see the bigger picture of yourself how can you be a better person in this world. --- stay with us... --- Yes, the teacher is arriving, and he's coming when the student is ready so if you're a new student and you really feel like a big big big desire to start right away with a teacher I think it's important, but we also have to have certainty in the light, that the light will show you and bring you the right teacher and in the right moment for you.

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Posted by: kabvids42 on Jun 7, 2017

קובץ מתוקן

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