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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 00:30:00-00:59:59

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Xiao Fan, any bunks available? Yes, cabin 12, number 2 line, middle bunk available. Eight passengers. Which cabin of that middle bunk? Cabin twelve, middle bunk. Eight passengers, cabin twelve, middle bunk. Number 2 line. How about cabin 9? No need, it is a soft sleeper cabin. No! My feet hurt. I am so tired of walking. Let me walk slowly. He couldn't wear socks. Fine, I will wear them. Which cabin are you from? Which cabin? I don't know, I can't read. Ok, let me have a look! Cabin 2. Cabin 2, this is cabin 9, keep walking back. Hold onto your ticket. Which bunk? Upper or lower bunk? Oh, I didn't check it out. Two lower bunks. Yeah, two lower bunks! Well, thank you! Keep walking ahead, walk slowly! Is this cabin 9? Yes, it is cabin 9. Oh! Slow down! Which cabin? Cabin 2. Cabin 2, keep walking ahead. This is cabin 9. Thank you! You are welcome! The water is just behind you! Behind me? Yes, just behind you. Be careful! Oh, thank you! No worries! Time to rest! Yeah! Which cabin? Cabins 3 and 5. Both. Yeah, it is cabin 5. You two are together, right? Yes! Your ID card! Need to register first! Here! Here, come here! Two together, one ID is enough! Whose ID is this? Can you please sign here? Alright. Your telephone number. One three five... Sign "Yes" means total amount of money on the ticket is right, if no extra charges, sign "none." Great! Here you are, someone in front will change tickets for you. In front? This is cabin 9, keep walking ahead. Cabin 9? Cabin 9, yours are in cabin 5, keep going ahead. Keep going ahead? Yes, that's right! Thank you! You are welcome! Apart from the exact amount of money on the ticket, there is no extra fee being charged. If you have no disagreement, please sign here. You guys go to cabin 5 first. This is cabin 9, keep walking ahead. Keep going ahead!

Video Details

Duration: 30 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: China
Producer: Ruhi Moran
Director: Qinhua Guo
Views: 71
Posted by: globallives on Feb 28, 2014

Ruixian Fan performs her rounds as a long distance train attendant on the K165 line from Xi'an to Kunming. This includes cleaning the sink area and bathrooms. She also sweeps the floors, wipes out the ash trays, and arranges the sleeping passenger's shoes neatly under their beds.

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