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Common Maritime Security Threats

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[MARITIME TRAINING SERVICES INC.] [In case of any conflict between the requirements shown in the movie] [and the company's safety management system (SMS),] [please follow the company's SMS requirements] [COMMON MARITIME SECURITY THREATS] In this video we will explain the six most common maritime security threats. But first [TAKE A MOMENT TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS] take a moment to answer these questions. [HOW MANY MARITIME SECURITY THREATS CAN YOU NAME?] How many maritime security threats can you name? [CAN YOU EXPLAIN EACH OF THEM?] Can you explain each of them? [PAUSE THE VIDEO AND RECORD YOUR ANSWERS] Pause the video and record your answers. [1 ARMED ROBBERY] Armed robberies can and do happen to seafarers around the globe with alarming frequency. Armed robberies occur mostly in port areas. Maritime [2 PIRACY] piracy affects major shipping lanes and puts at risk the lives of seafarers and merchant seaman from all over the world of whom hundreds are taken captive each year. Millions of dollars in ransom payments are paid [PIRATES] to pirates. It is believed that these payments are divided [LEADERS] between the pirates, [FINANCIERS] their leaders and those who finance them. Two hundred and twenty-one acts [ACTS OF PIRACY AND ARMED ROBBERY AGAINST SHIPS] of piracy an armed robbery against ships [WHICH WERE REPORTED] were reported [TO HAVE BEEN ALLEGEDLY COMMITTED OR ATTEMPTED] to the International Maritime Organization. In recent years, these acts were either attempted or they occurred. Although the International [REPORTED PIRACY INCIDENTS] Maritime Organization reported an overall decrease in reported incidents of attempted or actual piracy incidents, certain areas like the Gulf of Guinea, the South American Pacific and the Caribbean saw an increase in incidents. Terrorism [3. TERRORISM] is usually committed by extremist groups who seek to gain political objectives by using violence or threats of violence. [BOMB THREATS] Bomb threats [HIJACKINGS] and hijackings are common ways that terrorist groups try to make a statement. Smuggling [4 SMUGGLING] is the illegal transportation of objects, substances or people. Drugs are often the item of choice. They can be transported [LUGGAGE] in luggage, [STORES] stores [PERSON'S BODY] or in a person's body. Weapons are another commodity that is frequently smuggled. The ship-owner whose ship is being used to smuggle the goods may suffer a large financial loss. Cargo theft [5 CARGO THEFT] is an age old problem, the maritime industry loses billions to cargo theft and cargo loss each year. Losses can occur in many ways from containers being mislaid, mislabeled or simply failing to arrive at their destination. To instances involving breaking into ports to steal goods. Collateral damage [6 COLLATERAL DAMAGE] results when a fire, explosion or attack occurs near a ship or facility and causes damage. The damage is sometimes not intentional but the costs are very real. When handling security threats, proper planning and training is essential and taking these matters seriously is critical.

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Common Maritime Security Threats

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