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HOM 13 - Reptilian God Enslaved Atlanteans when they Disagreed about Purpose of Man

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 13 - Anu Enslaves Atlanteans (Jack) This is Jack again, Ok. the eyes a bit quite, alright Ok, I was speaking, about Anu now, excuse me realizing he has to manifest this form here on earth, it has to manifest 'together with this planet, as one'! to be able to ensure that, they have access to this world 'to gold' to be able to protect their 'city', and, Anu became hesitant, Anu became 'worried', Anu became fearful! because he said: I 'need' to have gold, if I don't have gold, for my people, my people won't survive and he became angry, because the Atlanteans didn't want to hear him and he said: "I knew, if they are not going to manifest this form" they're not going to make it and at that moment, when he went to the Anu- when he went to the Atlanteans, 'again' and with the, Serpent's voice still lingering in his head he said to them: I need, to inhabit this planet if I don't, I won't survive and neither will my people and they said: No. then you have to go somewhere else and, at that point he went, basically: 'fuck you!' 'I' will have this planet, gold is on this planet this is supposed to be my planet anyway. I don't understand why you're here anyway because gold is here, I'm here I am required to be here. So now there's, much gold! underneath the earth's core remember because it's now manifesting automatically and they're still able to to re-move the gold, interdimensionally take, awhile to manifest gold, remember that, it takes awhile especially the way they did it with the crystals, and the sound resonances So, that's what they, that's how they 'got their gold', manifested lots of gold and, Anu decided: You know what? Fine! I will have you then 'power my vessels'. then you will be my slaves because 'I need gold to survive' that was his statement, he needed gold to survive and so as his planet his entire city and all the other people that 'inhabited' there So, he got his 'form', and he went to the Sirians, and he went to the Serpent as well he said: Listen. I'm taking over that planet. I'm having the Atlanteans, inhabit the vessels, and they will be my slaves to get the gold I need gold. I need to survive and, the Serpents loved it! they smiled they said: Great. and, this is now where, Enki and then Enlil comes in, and the Sirians together so it's, Anu Enki Enlil and, certain groups of Sirians who worked with, creation and manifestation, in system form So they said: Ok. now you've got the brain, you've got the eyes you've got the center point you've got the skeleton, and you've got the 'system placement' inside the form, and on the, skeleton Now they said: You 'need' something, you need the physical form to basically sustain itself like You need the physical form to sustain itself on it's own, completely! this is not going to 'have it sustain itself' you! will always require to be present, to a certain extent So they looked at: Why? but you know why can't it just stay that way? looks perfectly fine! it works. and he said: So you want the Atlanteans to power your vessels? you want to have them be your slaves? In this current system you can move in, and you can move out, as you please So in other words it's not going to work, you need to 'enslave' them 'in your vessel' that's what I'm saying. and thus the Sirians, this is now though, as Sirians, and the Serpents saying together you know kind of, joining in and saying: You're going to need them have to be enslaved inside the physical form, and that's why the physic- 'the form' itself has to sustain itself, be Alive on it's own and all you do is you power 'the movement', and that which makes it 'think' and look, and do they said: Ok. so basically, what you say 'like this planet is formed' because this planet is alive with 'something', it's alive! with an essence! and yet, it moves 'manifests', and, 'by itself' it's sustaining itself. So! they designed the 'breathing', they designed the the blood flow, the organs and things like that but that the organs the blood flow, the breathing the mind everything, in one- look, the entire biology of, the physical human form was developed over time, to quite awhile to figure out how exactly this is going to work So they've realized one thing, that something has to 'move in it as it' the whole time which is they say it: It's like a Life force, which is the blood the blood movement, the blood flow through out the entire 'form' They required something that has that blood flow, that 'which flows' the whole time to keep it alive! and that's where the 'heart' comes from, so the heart pumps the blood the whole time keep-ing the Life 'moving', inside it Then you have, ok. stomach didn't exist yet, then yeah! wait no then it is yeah they did the stomach and they realize this it requires to 'sustain itself' with, eating finding something to eat to have it 'sustain' itself, because they realized that What's happening, because of the systems that are placed into 'this form' it starts to deplete. In terms of the form itself it's, perfect, it didn't need to eat, it didn't need to sustain itself but, because of the "system placements" inside it, that I've described to you by the Sirians it started depleting the form, and, they realized: Oh shit. they'll need 'something' to sustain this form and that's where animals were manifested from, animals, were manifested from the Serpents, the Serpents manifest animals. the animal, most of the animal 'kingdom', and basically that, the animals 'were designed', in- in the form of that which will, sustain this form, inside this world because they really they they they basically look at, on this planet They basically looked at: what is it that these systems 'are removing from' - the form what is that 'essence' that is required? and they realized, it's a very substantial, 'essence' so it actually feeds off the 'the muscle tissue' which is, the muscle tissue and everything else is also designed with the form now, inside. so the physical form was, all developed you know that means that, the muscles were developed in requirement for protection, of the organs that was inside, and they made a Form, they made a vessel, that would exist 'infinitely' that was so the human form was manifested as an infinite manifestation. Ok this is Jack. I'll continue in my next interview thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 13 - Reptilian God Enslaved Atlanteans when they Disagreed about Purpose of Man

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