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Peter Joseph Interview | 11/14/08, 3 of 7

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Host: And, you see, our western society has made it very clear by their actions, that they worship the almighty dollar. By taking away the profit motive, the lust for money and power, But, when you take that motive away, a lot of other bad stuff will just dissipate and evaporate. Peter Joseph: That's exactly the point, precisely the point. I've been challenged on this many times by people I think it's easy to see. I'm glad you stated that the way you did. If you don't have a reason to steal, if you are provided with the necessities of life,...And we can get more into this, because this is where it can get spooky for a lot of people... Because, whenever you talk about a social system where everything is provided for you, everybody immediately thinks of socialism or communism. These are just black and white distinctions that I really hope people can get away from. I get lots of e-mails, you know people can't break out of that Everyone says, "If you are for world unification anyway, then you must be New World Order." or, "If you're not for capitalism, you must be communist..." Or even, then people will say that your not Christian you must be a satanist. People have these dividing lines that they automatically jump back and forth with. Host: Yeah, if you're not a republican, then you must be a democrat. And what we call that on this program, that's called "inside the cage" thinking. We have to get people to start thinking outside of the cage. Peter Joseph: Right. Absolutely. So, the idea basically is... is really a human idea. It's about, "How do we make an environment ..." and this is all Jacque has worked on his entire life, "that caters to peoples needs very, very accurately?" How do we design a society where people don't chisel off of each other? Because apart from the fraud in the monetary system that we already have, apart from the fact that creates scarcity, you know, and, of course, scarcity produces corrupt behavior. If you don't have something, if you are say, live in South Central Los Angeles, you were born to a poor neighborhood you have no access to work, naturally you're probably going to gravitate towards drugs, just like these massive epidemics that have recurred throughout time. you'll be selling drugs, you'll end up doing drugs, you'll have massive problems because of the deprivation and scarcity. As opposed to say someone who's cultured in a giving environment, they have more opportunity, naturally they're going to be a bit more balanced then someone who is coming from deprivation... I think that very simple psychological point is not addressed in society. Everyone wants to just lock people up, rather than look at the root causes. And I think one of the most profound root causes for a great majority of the problems is the monetary system. Not only because of it's inherent corruption, that's relavant to it's policies, but, by the psychological element of the scarcity and the need to survive...and, this, as long as people have to take advantage of each other by marketing or undercutting somebody else or using cheap materials All, everything produced in our society by industry has built into it a certain planned obsolescence either direct or indirect you know a car, a car is designed to break down essentially I mean, people can debate that, but they're using cheap materials to maintain market share they will cut corners and say, "well, we'll make it up in industry with a multi-million dollar automobile service industry, So, it's kinda rigged in it's own development. Host: Absolutely. It's planned obsolescence. There's more money in the after market as far as car parts are concerned then there is in selling the cars themselves, and this is in itself is the flaw in the system We talked about this many years ago. Gosh I would say fifteen years ago, we did this show, asking the question, What if there was no such thing as money? What if everything were free? Everything was free. And, of course, this sounds crazy and everything but, you know, the situation that we've got right now. I mean were talking about survival of the species if not, survival of the planet cause if we continue on this path that we're on right now, we are going to hit a third world war and this one will be nuclear. And we may contaminate the entire planet, destroy life. I don't mean to be gloom and doom folks, but that's where we are headed. Peter Joseph: I agree. I agree. The system's designed without human concern. I think it's lack of design, I don't think there's any design. I think it's kind of a free for all. There's of course, control mechanisms that have put in place by the power elite that have been around for a long time, but overall you have everyone out for themselves its' a self interest motivated society and I mean universally, I'm not trying to go after the capitalist system of America. This is what I referred to in the film as monetary-ism. As long as you have people competing for labor, labor for income, you need income to get the resources for sustenance to survive you're going to have a huge amount of manipulation in between all of that. Inherently, it's inhuman. It's not... You're not helping anyone And sadly it's rewarded which is even more sick to me. And we look up at people who have all sorts of wealth. We don't realize that is inherently corrupt. to have immense amounts of wealth There's no reason for it for one. We've reached a new paradigm. We have an incredible amount of understanding, an outrages amount of resources. We could really take care of the whole planet. At least at the most fundamental level. There's no reason anyone should go without food. The fact that you still have people dying from epidemics in Africa and starvation... Host: It's insanity. There's no reason for this. Peter Joseph: Not at all. Not at all. Even if you don't believe that there is that kind of abundance to take care of everyone, The fact that we have these massive pockets exist is pure insanity. because you can easily make a quick assessment of the resources available in our current industry to see if we can take care of these situations. And then technology could...Host: (interrupts) And even...Peter Joseph: Go ahead, I'm sorry. Host: I was just going to say, not only... You just hit it. The new technology We got a break coming up in a minute here --- but, just this last year, there was an invention... brought into the fold. There was a guy out there named, Hans Coler in Germany. In 1933, he invented an apparatus he called a Magnetstromapparat And, this in essence is a perpetual motion machine. It creates electricity out of magnets. I mean this thing creates electricity out of magnets... Peter Joseph: uhmmm...right. Host: It just creates electricity out of nothing Now if you could...Now this is doing about 90 volts, Peter: Yeah...Ahuh... Now if this machine is coupled with a car that runs on air That was reported on the BBC, it runs on compressed air... and it'll go for about to two hundred kilometers, it'll go a hundred kilometers per hour I mean the thing will run on compressed air you couple this magnetstromapparatat, incorporate it with a car that runs on compressed air you will have a car that runs on nothing, forever. And you talk about a threat to the oil companies and the automotive industry... Peter Joseph: Absolutely Host: Oh my gosh. Peter Joseph: Absolutely. It's like I say in the film Abundance, efficiency and sustainability are the enemies of the profit system. So it's very difficult for us to really consider a world without the problems we have today. Until we start addressing technology and money Host: Exactly. Peter Joseph: And really start to think about the planet in a more holistic sense, really try to balance things out. I think one of the great comments Host: And, that's... Hold on to that thought. we got a break coming up...(fade out - fade up) This is Dave Onclien ande Joyce Shwi------ Our guest this hour is Peter Joseph. And please run screaming to your computer and check out the website ZEITGEISTMOVIE, that's spelled, Z-E-I-T, you know how it's i before e, well that doesn't apply here. Z-E-I-T-G-E-I-S-T., and, uh, And, Peter, you put this up for a free download for free viewing. And, you're selling these videos for really cheap. How do folks get a copy of the hard disc, the DVD of both films? Peter Joseph: Oh, you just go to the website Go to DVD downloads or or there are some other links on the home page I think you can click through underneath the google video. Host: Well, I got to hand it to you, the simple fact the Zeitgeist... especially the new film, what that only came out about a month ago? Peter Joseph: Yeah. Host: And you put it up there for people to see immediately worldwide... And a lot of folks wouldn't do that. The profit margin --- They'd say, hey look, it cost me a lot of money to produce this film, how are you funding your effort? Peter Joseph: I fund my effort with my own work, you know. I still work and do commercial stuff that I've always done. I've done pretty well at that. I'm very good at, you know...I don't want to get in and talk about editing and film making... But, I'm very good at being cost efficient, In the materials that I used when creating the film. This film is, was a lot more expensive than the first film, to make. But, I've compromised to the point where I statistically outlined what it would take to make my money back, and what have you... and I want people to understand I am not trying to make money There's a lot of people out there to just sell things, they make movies and they are supposed to be altruistic and they sell them for ridicules amounts of money I think there is a big contradiction there, and... My entire advocation in the new film needs to be supported by my actions you know, the old Gandhi quote, You have to become the change you want to see. I really try to follow and guide my life in that manner, so I'm selling it as cheap as I can. Just 'cause, I really believe in the message and I want people to really think about the points that are addressed in it. It's important to me that society look at this movie so I'm trying to do whatever I can to get it out there and without the need for profit.

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Interview with Peter Joseph on The Power Hour, 11/14/08 Part 3 of 7

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