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Prueba de Racismo en Mexico-Evidence of racism in Mexico

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Which one is the brown doll? This one Which one is the white doll? Wich doll is prettier? He Which doll is uglier? Which doll is bad? Any Which doll is bad? This one Why? Because, well, this is brown and this one is white Which doll is ugly? Why? Because I don't like color brown Which one do you prefer? This one Which doll is good? This one Why? Because, am, I'm not scared of white people, because I trust on them, like this doll not Which one is bad? Why? I don't know Which one is ugly? This one I don't know, this one looks a little bit, How can I say? Hmm Darker and I don't see him so white, and not much look Why the white doll is good? For his eyes are blue and his whole body is white Which doll is ugly? This one Why? Because he's black Why that doll is bad? Because is brown And why being brown is something wrong? Because he can hit Which doll do you prefer? White Because he has pretty eyes and his race too Which doll is most like you? A little bite this Because I'm a little white on my legs and my back. But from my face and my fingers I'm a little brown Which doll is most like you? This one In which? In the ears and that's it This video was made as part of the campaign ' ' Racism in Mexico ' ' An investigation was made with mexican children, replicating the experiment designed by Kenneth and Mamie Clark in the thirties in the US This part of the results that reflect the responses of most of the children who were interviewed for this research The video was produced in a space of trust, and the children answered freely Given the complexity of the subject, It has been made a Racism workshop with the participating children and their family, to create a space for reflection and containment of emotions generated Parents gave their consent to this video to raise awareness about racism. Absolute respect is requested for the participating children who are not an isolated case, but a reflection of our society Since racism is transmitted and reproduced culturally Finally, we note that we could not get a brown doll with these features on Mexico City In fact, a black doll in a tone a little lighter skin was repainted and blue eyes changed color eyes coffee FOR A SOCIETY FREE OF RACISM

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Posted by: nereyda on Oct 13, 2015

Prueba de Racismo en Mexico-Evidence of racism in Mexico

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