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The objective of the methodology of the creative solution solution to social problems is that though creativity, through we all speaking a same language, through innovation, we generate ideas with social impact. Ideas that somehow are linked to youth unemployment, and we want to give a different solution, a new solution, to this situation that started long time ago. Well, my main motivation has been that this methodologies through dynamics, workshops, games, brainstorming, is a learning format that I like, and... I believe in it. From Jovesolides Ideas Creactivas we believe that creativity is something very important to work with problems we are used to cope with problems, in a very orthodox way, very logic way, and we believe that creativity is a new way to create different solutions. These days I hope to be able to work in creativity, something I see very important important in the entrepreneurship process process and in my first social enterprises project, something that was lacking a bit and where we were weaker. YounGO project means a lot because as I can notice I am one of the youngest people from here and makes me realize how many opportunities we have we, the youngsters, the teenagers, and how many things, great things we can do ourselves, with our own hands. We will learn a methodology that we will bring it back and organize labs where we will train young people in order to employ, self employ, create solidarity, be creative... The youth leaders from the partner countries, come to Jovesolides, to Spain, to an international meeting. We teach them a working methodology. These leaders who have come go back to their countries and let’s say that they try to multiply the traineeship of this methodology. It is absolutely interesting for us because it improves the entrepreneur spirit of young people which is not good only to set up your own company, if you want you can do it but it is especially important and interesting because you are more able then to find a job, to keep your job, to build you own career in the way you want and not accepting what it comes but look for what you really want. What is networking? Networking of different institutions, not our universities, academic institutions but NGOs, social funds from these countries who are involved within this project. for example partners from Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, they can collaborate and find deeper connections. Something very important in creativity is that we need to structure our ideas and above all, to work on a goal, so when you apply creativity on a goal, there you are innovating, and when that solution that you have done through creativity on an impact setting social impact on your closest surroundings, in your community there we are already speaking about social entrepreneurship. Project coordinated by: With the collaboration of: Funded by:

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