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Douglas Mallette - A Few Simple Questions

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A FEW SIMPLE QUESTIONS OK, time for a quick analysis session. This shouldn't take long, but hopefully turns on the light bulb in your head. Ready? Here we go. It's pretty obvious we have a lot of social problems in the world. The questions asked, however, regarding how to solve those issues, are nearly always the wrong questions. So, let's take a look at this and see if you notice a pattern. Here is a simple chart. We will list the Social Problem, and then go through the questions. First, let's take a look at world hunger. Please, keep in mind, that the United States is part of the world, and we have hunger issues as well. In fact, we have all of the issues I am going to list. Nothing drives me more crazy than when people shout: "What about American problems?" as if we're not all interconnected these days. We don't live in a bubble anymore people, wake up! Anyway, do we have the technology to solve World Hunger? Yes. My video, 'Our Technical Reality', showcases this. Do we have the human resources to implement the systems? Yes. Do we have the material resources to manufacture the systems? Yes. Do we have the money to implement the systems? No. World Disease: Do we have the technology to combat this? Yes. Human resources? Yes. Material resources? Yes. Money? No. World Substandard Living Conditions: Do we have the technology to fix this? Yes. One amazing method is called 'Contour Crafting' and you can search for that on yourself on Youtube. Do we have the human resources? Yes. Do we have the material resources? Yes. Do we have the money? No. I guess I can add Inadequate Education to the list. After all, poverty of the mind leads to poverty of the body. Poverty in general is a nasty mix of several social problems, but food, disease, housing, and education are the primary drivers that are most cited in news and scientific studies. So, on to the questions. Do we have the technology to raise the education levels around the world? Yes. Human resources? Yes. Material resources? Yes. Money? No! Global Energy Shortages: Do we have the technology? Yes. Human and material resources? Yes and Yes. Money? No. The energy issue is also covered very nicely in 'Our Technical Reality'. The first 20 minutes alone is all about clean energy technology. You know what? I'm starting to notice a trend here. Ah, anyway, let's continue. Global Environmental Damage: Let's just speed things up, shall we? Three yes's and one no. Crime: Now, I've created a few sub-categories for this, just for the sake of being a little bit more precise. Like theft: this is from petty larceny to banking fraud, which is really just white-collar theft. Physical abuse: that's pretty straight forward, including rape, beatings, etc. Murder and Drugs: Not just possession, but also sale. You could go deeper, but I don't want to go that far. So, in one simple stroke.... see, if you fix all of the above social problems, you'll end up fixing many of the crime problems by default. If you better one's living environment, you better the person. Spread that over groups of people, and you'll see values and behaviors change for the better. Oh, proof of that statement is also on my Youtube-channel in the 'Social Scientists Relevant to TVP' playlist. There are several videos in this playlist. The best of a lot, at least in my opinion, is called 'Nature or Nurture? How Do Genes, Environment and Free Will Affect Human Behavior?' Sorry to make you have to go verify my statements, by watching other informative videos from knowledgeable sources. I know that it's a pain sometimes, but hey, it's not wise to just take someone's word for it, if they can't provide justification of their statements. So let's recap: Do we have the technical, mental, and physical capability, to fix all of these social problems right now, this instant? YES! Do we have the money to do any of it? NO! It should disturb you a lot that our current system quite literally prevents us from actually doing anything of real consequence, especially since that system is manmade. You know, if we made it up, we can also get rid of it. I'm just saying, [it's] something you should think about.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 18 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Douglas Mallette
Director: Douglas Mallette
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Posted by: tzmgermany on Jun 14, 2012

Let's address a few simple social problems and follow the logic trail where it leads us, shall we? And as always, feel free to spread this around.

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