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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~17:56:16 - 18:11:16

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Ala'a! Come here! Good. Hey Ala'a! Hey Ala'a, I want to tell you something. Come down. Hi hello! C'mon Ala'a. One, two. Excuse me. Come, let me tell you something. They want to film me. Take this. This is my side! This is my side! Poor girl! She tricked me, so I tricked her. Hey, Tiya! Let me see. I opened the picture and colored the chicken and now I have that large thing left. Strong. I didn't play seriously! I didn't play seriously! Now I'll show you how I play. Move. Are all your sisters at home? Ok, enough. -Ok, let's play seriously! This is serious. -This is serious. Yeah they put the microphone. Look, a small microphone. -Can I talk on it? -Yeah, yeah. Hi, hello. Ok, enough. -He put the microphone on you? -Stop it Ala'a, you're embarrassing me! I came to play with you but I found you playing tennis with Du'aa! This is so much better, darling. -Ok, now I want to play seriously. -You aren't playing seriously, I've been playing seriously the whole time. I swear this one is serious. Stop, Ala'a. Ok. -Where are you playing? -Ask her. Ok, this is serious! Move back! Why do you have to put yourself in this crowded situation? Ok, here you go. Move or else. Ala'a, I played it well but it hit Suda's head. C'mon, Ala'a! Stop. Film both of us. C'mon... Ok, whatever. No, it doesn't have holes. Why would it have holes? Does it get holes? C'mon, bring it. Play well, Ala'a, ok? Goal. Hey, look. Where is the shuttlecock that you guys were talking about? Don't ruin my racket. She doesn't want to? I colored the chicken... Then I was writing "I love you". I wrote "I love" but didn't write "you". -What did you write? -I wanted to write "I love you". I wrote every word in a different color. -I have a lot. -"In different colors" not "every color different". Yeah, I have a lot of glitter! A lot! Yeah? Miss Jamal and Miss Hiam came. Foreigners also came -Are these them? -No. They came to the school and started filming me. Yes, and then he told me... And then I told them through the microphone... I laughed out loud, I hit him and he hit me... Wow, how cute! Don't hit it hard, Ala'a. Let's see, would this work? No please, Sir! Ok, throw it to me. Bring us the shuttlecock. Enough, Ala'a. Stop it. We're giving you a hard time. C'mon, Ala'a! Now... Yes... Before she brings it to us. This shuttlecock is light. Hooo. Shake it! They're shaking it. C'mon, Miss! Oh my god! Ala'a. Tell me. Ok, Ala'a, this time is good. I wasn't playing it well. Look now. It's not my problem, you're hitting it hard. I swear that everytime you hit it hard I'll throw it back at you. This time is the last time. If you don't play well, I won't play anymore. Ala'a! Here. I swear that I'll throw it back at you, here! Ala'a! Stop it, Hamza! Move out of the way, Hamza! Ala'a, play well or else. -He's filming me. -Is he filming her or filming the ground? He's filming Jamila. C'mon, Ala'a. Where's the shuttlecock? Ala'a, where's the shuttlecock? Seriously? Pardon. -Keep it with you. -I won't give you the shuttlecock! Don't take a long time. It won't matter. C'mon, Jamila. No, this is good. This is strong. Is that broken? -Say something, Ala'a. -He's filming. Do you know I... Yeah! Don't tell anyone. Are you going to the Dabkeh Dance tomorrow? -Yes? -Jamila, she wants to throw it too. Excuse me. Apologize to him, silly! Ala'a, please stop. Ala'a, you're embarrassing me. Go, go. Enough, let's play seriously. -Let me play one game. -Ala'a, play well. Look at how I play. Look, I hit it gently. -Yeah, ask her. -This shuttlecock is strong. -Is Yasmine's or mine better? Yours or mine? -Yours. -Mine or her's? -Both. No! Mine is better. Bring it, bring it! Bring it! Ro'a, bring it! Let's see. Ok, c'mon, bring it. See how the game will last with this shuttlecock. -Mine is the broken one. -Dad, the ball hit her head! Give it to me that's mine! C'mon! God. Move away! Amro, please move we're playing! Yeah, the game will last with this shuttlecock. Do'a, move away! This shuttlecock isn't good! Ala'a, hit it stronger! I can play for long but she needs to hit it stronger. Do'a! You're annoying! Enough, let's last long this time, Ala'a. -Let's show her how we both can last. -Yes, but I want to keep on playing with her. Bring the ball, the game will last longer. Ala'a, enough let's play seriously! This is not serious! You're sister is stupid. Play well or else... Ha! Wait. C'mon, c'mon, quickly! But don't hit it hard. See how we last long? Let's play like this! Don't hit it hard! Mine is so much better, my dear Fatmeh! Right, Ro'a? -Well, look at this! -Really? -No, no. I swear, you're sister is playing with the walls. Move away, Do'a! Miss, Do'a! No, I don't want to. I don't want to! I can't play anymore, I'm bored. Give it to her, Ro'a! Ala'a, give it to Ro'a and let her play! Ro'a! No... Give it to me! Here you go, Ro'a, let's play. Show us. Come and see how well we play. She does know how to play... Not. Really! Well wait and you'll see! Wait, wait. Wait until they leave Who can challenge me? C'mon! Poor girl. But don't hit it hard. -Darling. -This cost two thousand. Mine was for four thousand. This is not mine, mine is original. -Mine is original. -Isn't mine original? . I swear I have one, it's with Ro'a. Yeah! Stop, stop! Move away, don't talk to her! C'mon. Ala'a, please.

Video Details

Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 137
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 20, 2009

Jamila plays outside with friend.

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