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Lord Monckton: Global Warming big scientific fad

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) On the eve of Copenhagen summit on greenhouse gases I am talking to Lord Christopher Monckton, a renowned climate change sceptic. He is attending Copenhagen to persuade delegates that the science is faulty. Lord Monckton, thanks very much we are talking to RT today. First of all, could you just explain your general stands on climate change? The climate has always changed, the climate is changing, the climate will continue to change. Humankind does not have the power to do very much about it. And we would be arrogant to assume that we can. What evidence do you have that climate change isn't man-made? The scientific question amounts to this: Are the greenhouse gases that we add to the atmosphere sufficient in quantity and in global warming potential to stop outgoing heat energy bouncing in from the Sun hitting the Earth and then going back out into space again are they strong enough to stop it, going out into space so it stays down here and causes a little bit of warming? Well, we know that they cause a little bit of warming because the entire atmosphere keeps the planet around 18 or 20 degrees Celsius, warmer than it would be than if we didn't have an atmosphere. So the greenhouse effect of all the greenhouse gases now existing in the atmosphere is only 18 or 20 degrees Celsius. It's tiny. So the idea that changing one two-thousandth of the composition of the atmosphere from oxygen to carbon dioxide as we may do this century if we go on burning fossil fuels as much as we like will somehow cause a warming of anything up to 6 Celsius degrees or something like a third of the effect of the entire existing atmosphere is plainly nonsense. Do you think that climate change, as it stands at the moment, is a political fad? Of course it is! These scares come and go: You may remember the Millennium Bug. You may remember swine flu which is another scare that running virologists to making a fortune out of saying it's all very terrible. In fact the number of people killed by swine flu is smaller than the number of people killed by ordinary flu.

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The United Nations Climate change conference has opened in the Danish capital Copenhagen. RT's Laura Emmet has talked to one man who'll be there - who's also one of the most outspoken critics of global warming theory.

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